2017 - Protege Symposium

Dr. Mantei and the Protege Symposium

Dr. Thomas Mantei
Professor of Electrical Engineering
2017 Protege Symposium

Elijah Ditchendorf, CEAS-Dr. Wendell

Elijah Ditchendorf
Project Title: Enzymatic Removal of Heavy Metals from Water Using Artificial Organelles
Project Advisor: David Wendell (UC)

Danielle Brown, CEAS-Dr. Yeghiazarian

Danielle Brown
Project Title: Synthesis and Characterization of Thermo-responsive Hydrogels
Project Advisor: Lilit Yeghiazarian (UC)

Owen Richardson,  P&G

Owen Richardson
Project Title: Flying Insect Traps – New Video Methods to assess insect behavior and trap efficacy
Project Advisor: London Dewey (P&G)


Andrew Martin, CEAS-Dr. Gutmark

Andrew Martin
Project Title: Ventilator Flow Project
Project Advisor: Ephraim Gutmark (UC)


Meghan Zuelke,  P&G

Meghan Zuelke
Project Title: Shape Comparison of Gold Nanoparticles for Surfactant Detection with Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Project Advisor: Ariel Lebron (P&G), Laura Sagle (UC)


Megan Moyer,  P&G

Megan Moyer
Project Title: Examining SLE1S, CAPB, and 14C-SDS as markers of surfactant-skin penetration
Project Advisor: Gerald Kasting and Stephanie Ventura (UC)

Protege Symposium

Protege Symposium

Nicholas Robben

Nicholas Robben
Project Title:  Personalizing Production
Project Advisor: Scott Stanley (P&G)

Tori Fuenfgeld,  GE

Tori Fuenfgeld
Project Title: Blade Tip Clearance Probe Temperature Compensation
Project Advisor: John Weickert (GE)

Brian Keller, CEAS-Dr. Maobing Tu

Brian Keller
Project Title: Ethanol Production from Pretreatment Hydrolysate by Separate Hydrolysis and Fermentation
Project Advisor: Maobing Tu (UC)

Andrew Hanshaw and  Wayne Stegner, Northrop-Grumman

Andrew Hanshaw and Wayne Stegner
Project Title: Research and Development with the Microsoft Hololens
Project Advisor: Patrick Zink (Northrop-Grumman)


Nathan Chiles, CEAS-Dr. Gutmark

Nathan Chiles
Project Title: Research into Rotating Detonating Combustors
Project Advisor: Ephraim Gutmark (UC)

Kaden Wells, CEAS-Dr. Turner
Kaden Wells
Project Title: Controlled Decelerator Based on the Maple Seed
Project Advisor: Mark Turner (UC)



Zuguang Liu, CEAS-Dr. Jha

Zuguang Liu
Project Title: Electrical Simulation of Neural Signals
Project Advisor: Rashmi Jha (UC)


Protege Symposium

Protege Symposium