Cyber Operations

The Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operation (CAE-CO) is a collaborative venture, drawing on the expertise of faculty from three UC colleges along with local industry representatives.  The composition of the CAE-CO includes faculty from the departments of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Information Technology, Political Science, Criminal Justice as well as adjuncts from Northrup Grumman Xetron and GE Aviation.

Areas of interest include:

                Computer Science

                                Mobile and wireless
                                Digital watermarking
                                Propositional theorem provers
                                Intrusion detection
                                Biometric authentication
                                Malware analysis
                                Network exploitation

                Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Computer Engineering

                                Embedded systems
                                Sensor networks

                Information Technology

                                Penetration testing
                                Web applications
                                Software development testing, integration
                                HCI design & development

                Political Science

                                International security
                                Policy in cyberspace
                                Warfighting and national security

New Faculty include:

                Eric Rozier: security of Big Data
                Kristin Rozier: formal verification of flight traffic protocols
                April Dai: networks and operating systems theory
                Nan Niu: software engineering, information seeking, and human-centered computing
                Rashmi Jha: hardware security, nano-electronics
                Xuetao Wei: cybersecurity, mobile computing, and networking

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