Cyber Security-National Strategy in Political Science at A&S

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President Barack Obama has noted that “…the architecture of the Nation’s digital infrastructure, based largely upon the Internet, is not secure or resilient. Without major advances in the security of these systems or significant change in how they are constructed or operated, it is doubtful that the United States can protect itself from the growing threat of cybercrime and state-sponsored intrusions and operations." Despite a two decade-long focus on developing national cybersecurity, the cyber threat environment has increased in complexity and critical infrastructures remain vulnerable. Combatting this strategic threat environment requires students to combine technical knowledge with an analytical framework that infuses the behavioral, the strategic, and regulatory policy contexts that shape the cyber threat environment. We offer courses that prepare students to think adaptively about the threat individuals, businesses and the nation face in cyberspace and the strategic, operational, and tactical solutions that may be envisioned. 

Our course on National and International Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy prepares students through engagement and analysis of core strategies pursued by the United States and other countries. Our CyberAttack Red Team Seminar is an applied environment in which students develop original offensive cyber attack scenarios and then consider how to defend against them.