CSE PhD with Cyber Track Curriculum


Program of Study

In order to obtain a PhD from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems, a student must complete courses for the Degree Program (Electrical Engineering or Computer Science & Engineering) and the course requirements for the Degree Track in which the student is working. Additional courses to make up the total required for the PhD should be chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor.  Because of the need to complete the Degree Program and Degree Track required courses, each student needs to plan his/her program of study carefully.  These requirements will not be waived because of bad planning on the part of the student.

The list of required courses for the Degree Program and Degree Track chosen by the student will be provided to each incoming student at the time he/she first registers in the program.  A student who subsequently changes Degree Programs and/or Degree Track will be expected to complete the courses required by the new Degree Program and/or Degree Track as of the date the change is made.  The Graduate Program Director, in consultation with the Graduate Council, must approve any deviations from this procedure in writing.

It is the responsibility of both the student and his/her advisor to formulate a program of study to meet the objectives and needs of the student. A Program of Study Form should be completed by the student and approved by the faculty advisor and the Graduate Program Director as soon as he/she enters the doctoral program.  The student's program of study should contain both breadth of knowledge and depth of specialization.  The final authority for a student's program of study is vested in the student's faculty advisor and the Graduate Program Director, but the program of study must include the appropriate requirements for the Degree Program and Research Area in which the student is working. Revisions of a student's program of study are to be expected but must be approved by the faculty advisor and the Graduate Program Director.

If a student does not have a BS or MS in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering, the faculty advisor may require prerequisites for course work or some undergraduate course work in addition to the minimum graduate credits required for the PhD degree.  A program of study can also be interdisciplinary requiring course work from multiple schools.  However, in such cases the student’s faculty advisor should consult the student's dissertation committee during the development of his/her program of study.

Full-time students must be registered for a minimum of 15 graduate credits each semester excluding the summer.  Courses taken on an audit basis are excluded from these numbers and do not count towards the degree. The student must include in his/her registration the appropriate department seminar in the fall and spring semesters of their first year; however, these credits are not counted towards the degree.