Graduate Certificate in Cyber Operations

Graduate Certificate in Cyber Operations

Cyber operations education and training at UC includes a breadth and depth of topics that is made possible through a varied faculty spanning industry and academia. Certificates are awarded upon completion of four required courses and two electives, plus some fundamental undergraduate courses in Information Technology and Political Science. In addition, four adjunct faculty who are employees of two local defense contractors manage the deeply applied parts of the training which include Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Network Exploitation, Cyber Defense Overview, and Security Vulnerability Assessment.

Certificates can be awarded alongside a Masters diploma upon graduation, and the fact that a certificate was received is recorded on student transcripts.

Undergraduates who are enrolled in ACCEND (ACCelerated ENgineering Degree) program may also receive the certificate when they graduate. ACCEND is an accelerated program that allows students to earn Baccalaureate and Master's degrees in Computer Science or Computer Engineering in five years and includes four semesters of coop experience. There are several reasons for choosing this route:

  • The ACCEND program is highly selective. This is known by potential employers. Jobs that become available on graduation are more likely to be suited for talented and motivated people.
  • Students in the program must be on coop assignments at industrial or governmental locations for at least four semesters. Thus, for example, cooping at NSA would reinforce education in cyber operations.
  • There are four undergraduate courses that are taught in the Information Technology and Political Science departments that a MS student could take but would not count for MS credit. An undergraduate student in the ACCEND program could take all four as electives.
  • A MS student likely will satisfy far fewer than 10 optional knowledge units. An ACCEND student will be able to satisfy more knowledge units, if desired, by taking additional courses as electives.

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