MS in Information Security in Partnership with Northrup Grumman Xetron

Cyber Ops Northrup Grumman

Since August 2010, Northrop Grumman Xetron (NGX) has partnered with the University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences to offer a graduate degree specializing in Information Security. As one of the largest developers of software systems for government and industrial applications, NGX is constantly seeking better trained engineers and cyber security experts to enhance their capabilities.  Courses, offered to NGX’s engineers at their Springdale location and to UC student on West Campus, are streamed from both locations enabling students to take the same course.  Class times have been adjusted for minimal disruption to Xetron professionals’ work schedules, with most of these classes will be held over the noon hour and in the evenings.  Classes include Middleware Security, Network Security, Cryptography, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering and Cyber Forensics. 

Partnering in the classroom is a natural evolution that capitalizes on the technical expertise and knowledge of both academia and industry.  Educating and developing home-grown talent is critical in today’s highly competitive job market. This cyber master’s program will allow technical experts at NGX to groom students on the job and in the classroom.

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Program of Study

A.  Minimum one course each from each of the following three categories:

1. Computational Theory and Algorithms:
    CS6070 Automata Theory
    CS7081 Advanced Algorithms

2.  Artificial Intelligence:
     CS6033 Artificial Intelligence
     CS6037 Machine Learning
     CS6052 Intelligent Data Analysis

3.  Computer Systems:
     CS6029 Operating Systems
     CS6043 Computer Networks

B.  Seven more courses at 6000+ level from CS and/or EECS programs.