FEP and EASE Students

Department of Engineering Education provides assistance to students who are undecided or need one or two terms to meet the requirements of their program choice through our ENED courses.

Students are also provided with numerous free resources outside of the classroom to assist them with their educational goal such as the Tutoring Center (located in 801M Rhodes Hall) and Askonline.net, just to name a couple.  We are pleased that so many of our students have taken advantage of these opportunities and have become successful. Here are a few that have shared their program success with us.

Aaron Frisco

Aaron Frisco, Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2016


Aaron Frisco started his college career in the FEP program and was later accepted into the Mechanical Engineering program. 

Aaron has worked for SABIC-IP as a project manager while on coop. SABIC is a leading petro-chemical company in the innovative plastics division.  For his 3rd term he worked for the BPA section. He was in charge of a desorber (distillation column and heat exchanger combine in one tank) opportunity project that was costing the company $2.8 million dollars in lost revenue and lost product.  Through his research using infrared scanners, vibrations analysis, and chemical modeling his finding unveiled the desorbers issues as well as issues in the process lines leading into the desorber .  During his coop term he explored the root cause of the system and found 48 possible problems after solving 28/48 he was able to get back $1.5 million per year.

While working on this project he frequently led meeting and international phone calls with locations such as BOZ Netherlands, Cartagena Spain, Burkeville Alabama, and Selkirk New York.  His meetings with maintenance, operations teams, lab technicians, reliability engineers, and global chemical experts of the company helped to unify the SABIC community and understand how problems seen in his unit could be transitioned elsewhere in the site.   His involvement with this project helped to implement his research into the plans for a new plant being built in China and the report that he compiled for the company will be the backbone/ initial structure as a technical document and stored as a professional finding and research paper on the desorber itself.  When Aaron returns he will continue his career with SABIC at their compounding units. 

Bridget Crowley

Bridget Crowley, Architectural Engineering, Class of 2016


Bridget Crowley is a fourth year Architectural Engineering (AE) major.  As a freshman at UC, Bridget started out in UC's Freshman Engineering Program (FEP) before deciding to enter the AE program.  

FEP helped Bridget to see prospective careers and opportunities in different engineering fields.  Research, class presentations, and helpful guidance from UC’s staff and advisors made finding a degree program for her much smoother. 

Prior to her Foundations of Engineering course, Bridget did not even know about half of the programs the College of Engineering and Applied Science had to offer.  Bridget chose AE because it linked her love for all things math and science with art and architecture.  Bridget loves the construction industry and believes that UC has helped her find her niche within it.

Stephen Butler

Stephen Butler, Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2016


Stephen Butler started off at the University of Cincinnati in the Freshman Engineering Program (FEP). He believes that the program allowed him to have a better understanding of the different engineering programs through small projects that included powering a small fan using water and the sun, and building a miniature bridge. In FEP, he also got a better understanding of each specific major, but he knew that he wanted to be in Biomedical Engineering (BME). He just completed his third consecutive co-op term at Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ).

CSZ is a company that produces hypo/hyperthermia devices that can heat/cool a patient using either water or air that is circulated through a pad. These devices can be used in operating rooms, intensive care units, or in the home. From the beginning of his first term, he had been nvolved with many projects. The first major project involved completing/writing test protocol to test a new circuit board for the Blanketrol product line. Two other main projects that he worked on were the Blanketrol product line in Brazil and Japan.

Each of these projects involved the unit being modified for two reasons. One,  to meet electrical requirements and the second was to meet country regulations. In these projects, he created labels for the unit, carton, and power cord, created/updated a wide variety of drawings, updated many important documents such as, process and quality sheets, manuals, and bill of materials. At CSZ, he also contributed to other important changes and tests to ensure verification and validation for the products. This allowed the company to continue selling these products in the US and Europe. These three terms have taught him a lot about the engineering world.