Electrical Engineering Student on Fast Track to Success

By: Desiré Bennett

Engineer of the Month for February.

Adam Lennartz

Adam Lennartz is proudly Cincinnati.

Adam Lennartz is the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science Engineer of the Month for February.  Adam maintains a 3.88 GPA in his third year in the electrical engineering program while working toward a Master of Engineering. Although Adam just completed his junior year, he’s slated to begin as a graduate student through the college’s ACCEND program this fall.

It is the combination of post-secondary high school classes and the ACCEND program that launched Adam down this accelerated path. Adam credits the program with playing an integral part in his college success. “Not only has this has allowed me to complete my master’s and my bachelor degree in only four years,” he said. “But I think it has definitely helped me, as far as with my co-op work – they’ve offered to help pay for my graduate classes coming up in the fall semester.

Adam Lennartz at Coldwater Machine

Adam at Coldwater Machine.

During his co-op assignments, Adam worked as a controls engineer for The Coldwater Machine Company, a machine design firm located near Adam’s hometown of St. Henry, Ohio. The company designs turnkey solutions for manufacturing problems such as assembly lines used to make appliances or parts, for example. During his co-op assignment, Adam was exposed to many applications. “I often worked on an application called friction welding where I take two metals and basically weld them together by friction.”

Adam believes his co-op experience at Coldwater Machine extended beyond scholastic enrichment. “I’ve definitely gained a lot of leadership experience and customer interaction,” he said.  “At one point I was one of only two electrical engineers at the company, so I got a lot of good experience in project management and leadership as well as organization skills.”

Adam with the inside of an electrical cabinet for a friction welder.

Adam with the inside of an electrical cabinet for a friction welder.

He is excited about continuing his co-op work this semester. “I’ll be doing a bit larger scale projects and more project management than I had in the past,” he said. “And I’ll be taking on more responsibility.” After graduation, Adam plans to return to Coldwater Machine.

In addition to his co-op experience Adam juggles active membership in several organizations, including IEEE, The Engineering Tribunal, and The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, with an on-campus job working as the building supervisor for the Tangeman University Center. There he assists students, faculty and guests with any audio or visual needs in the building.

Adam also runs his own wedding videography company called Adam’s Digital Imagery. “I’ve been doing this for about five years,” he said. “I work with the clients to organize, get everything videotaped, and get all of the details that they want filled.” Adam has shot almost 100 weddings since he began his company, and at an average price of $500, it has turned out to be a lucrative endeavor. “It has definitely helped me pay for college,” he said.

Adam recording a wedding reception.

Adam recording a wedding reception.

When he’s not filming weddings, Adam sometimes spends his Tuesday nights tutoring high school students, in mathematics ranging from Algebra I up to calculus, at the Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. For Adam, tutoring is about more than just teaching someone math skills. “I had a kid, who I tutored and who went on to college come back one night to thank me for helping him out the year before.

When asked how he’s managed to keep up with his course load, his co-op work, run his own company and hold a part-time job he replied “I’ve been able to juggle this because I’ve always pushed myself hard in life and if I keep real busy and stay focused I can get everything done -- and it’s turned out well so far.”

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