June Engineer of the Month Gives Builds and Bids His Best

By: Ashley Duvelius
Date: June 1, 2016

Ryan Hoying, senior construction management student, is the Engineer of the Month at the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) for the month of June.

Ryan Hoying

For many, building the house of their dreams is a life goal which often entails a great deal of time, thought and planning to ensure their idea of perfection. From the formulation of the structure’s plans, to the purchase of materials and equipment, to the contracting of third party labor, to the actual execution of the plan and finishing touches, all of the integral aspects of the building process for such a dream house (or any structure for that matter) require strict supervision—and this is where construction management comes in.

The UC CEAS construction management (CM) program in the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management is aimed at developing managers who have a strong understanding of technical and management principles and their application to today’s complex construction projects. The CM curriculum is based on a design-construct-maintain continuum that prepares graduates for employment in all facets of leadership and administration in the construction industry.

Ryan Hoying is now a senior in the construction management program and he greatly enjoys the various aspects of managing construction projects. He explains, “I chose the construction industry because it offers countless opportunities.  I loved the idea of having a job that allowed me to escape the office and view ongoing projects.  Each day in the construction industry offers a different challenge but a new opportunity for reward.”

With one additional year added to the traditional four-year undergraduate curriculum, CEAS students gain practical on-the-job experience in their required co-op rotations. Ryan completed his first two co-op rotations at Shook Construction in Dayton, Ohio.  During his first rotation, Ryan was in the estimating department, where he learned how to do take-offs, communicate with subcontractors and evaluate subcontractor quotes.  His second semester at Shook, he worked under a project engineer onsite at Northmont High School and learned the day-to-day responsibilities of an onsite construction manager project engineer while also studying the processes involved with building a school. 

Ryan’s third co-op rotation was with Dugan and Meyers Construction in Cincinnati, Ohio.  At Dugan and Meyers, he was onsite learning the general contractor responsibilities of building a parking garage at 101 East Corry Street.  Ryan’s final two co-op rotations were with the Ferguson Construction Company in Sidney, Ohio in their Special Project Division. 

Ryan reflects, “I chose UC for the co-op program—I wanted to have something more than a degree on my resume when I graduated from college.  I learn best from ‘hands on’ experiences and I believe there is no better way to learn than from professionals in the industry one is studying. Each of my co-op experiences has been unique, challenging, and rewarding.” 

The UC CACM Teams in Chicago after their ASC Competition wins.

The UC CAECM Teams in Chicago after their ASC Competition wins.

On campus, Ryan sets a leading example as he garners accomplishments such as an Associated General Contractors of Dayton Scholarship and a first place win at the at the Regional/National Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Region 3 Competition last October in Chicago, IL.

Outside of the classroom and co-op, Ryan enjoys playing intramural softball. “This is one of my favorite UC activities. The competitions, friendships and nights under the Bearcat lights are an unforgettable memory,” he says.

So how does this Engineer of the Month do it all—the co-op, the classroom, the competitions—and still make the Dean’s List? Ryan advises, “A former professor of mine often said, ‘The hardest part of anything is getting started,’ and it is a quote that I frequently relate to.  Juggling school, co-op, and life and handling their nested problems is not easy for anyone but often times getting started is the hardest part.”

 Heading into senior year, Ryan is eager about what the future holds for him and the Class of 2017. He remarks, “I look forward to the endless possibilities and am excited by the fact that no two days in construction will ever be the same.”

Congratulations to Ryan Hoying on your immense successes thus far in your construction management journey and as the CEAS Engineer of the Month.

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