Computer Engineering Student Programs Excellent Future

By: Desiré Bennett

Yue Zhao is the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science Engineer of the Month for June.  Yue maintains a 3.904 GPA in his senior year in the computer engineering program while working toward a Bachelor of Science degree.

June's Engineer of the Month, computer engineering senior Yue Zhao.

June's Engineer of the Month, computer engineering senior Yue Zhao.

Yue says that it was the generous global scholarship provided to international students that initially brought him to the University of Cincinnati, but the co-op program is what was most enticing. “UC provides a hands-on co-op program which could put the knowledge that we get in the classroom into practice.”

He says that he chose the field of engineering because he believes that his education will help to improve lives. “I am always thinking about how to learn something that could better peoples’ lives,” he said. “I think studying engineering could be the easiest way as I could design software, such as a weather application, to promote this.”

Yue says that he chose to study computer engineering because it is a major that combines the knowledge from both electrical engineering and computer science into  one. “So in this way I know not only the circuit design but I also know how to program software,” he said. “Plus this combination of knowledge could work together to promote my career – in fact, during my co-op experience, my electrical engineering knowledge helped me a lot.”

Yue at Siemens PLM Software.

Yue at Siemens PLM Software.

Yue completed his co-op assignment at Siemens PLM Software, where he worked on coding NX software. He says that he learned invaluable lessons while working there. “[It is important to] be responsible and professional,” he said. “I could not be careless because I was an intern, rather I needed to treat myself as an employee of the company because my projects could potentially have important effects on our product.”

He enjoys active participation in several extracurricular activities to which he has dedicated at least 60 hours each year since becoming a UC Bearcat. “I am really into participating in community service,” he said. “During spring break in 2011, I went to New Orleans to help rebuild houses that were destroyed in hurricane Katrina. I am also running the largest Chinese student volunteer association at UC – the Chinese Mutual-Aid Association.”

Yue pictured with fellow Chinese Mutual-Aid Association (CMA) members.

Yue pictured with fellow Chinese Mutual-Aid Association (CMA) members.

Yue is the founder and serves as the President of the Chinese Mutual-Aid Association (CMA), a non-profit student organization at UC which holds the mission of helping Chinese students to quickly and actively get involved in American culture and UC campus life, and to also give UC students a chance to connect with other Chinese students.

Through his role, Yue works with the UC International Admissions Office, the College of Business, A&S, and CEAS. “Each semester I will contact these colleges to check how many Chinese interpreters they need for incoming students, as there is some difficulty for Chinese freshmen to understand how to register classes,” he explains. “Then we will provide the Chinese interpretation during the college orientation.”

Yue is proud to serve as president and is happy to be a part of the organization that he founded in 2011. “This role is important to me, as I help the association to build as many connections with UC departments and find as many partners for our association as possible,” he said. “For example, recently we applied to become an official student organization at UC and it is finally approved. This recognition from UC could help our association to smoothly transfer from a start-up association to a mature association.”

Yue pictured with interim Dean Teik C. Lim, PhD.

Yue pictured with Dean Teik C. Lim, PhD.

Additionally, Yue is a voting member of the Student Advisory Committee on University Budget (SACUB), and is a member of UC sustainability, the Engineering Tribunal and UC Bearcat Action.

For Yue, participating in a variety of organizations is really exciting and fosters camaraderie between him and his fellow classmates. “It is the best way to make some friends and, in fact, some of them are my classmates that I did not know before,” he said.  “It is a good idea to get out of the dorm and plan your time wisely.”

In addition to his involvement in extracurricular activities, Yue has won the Mantei/Mae Academic Achievement Award for two consecutive years. He says that taking care to remain in good academic standing is of highest priority and he has advice for fellow students. “Maintain your GPA first and then plan to participate in different kinds of activities,” he said. “And be smart to drop any responsibility that may overwhelm you.”

After graduation, Yue plans to work and to attend graduate school to further his study of computer science. 

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