Crowley Couples Creativity and Cooperative Education

By: Shannon Frohme
June 5, 2015

June’s Engineer of the Month, Bridget Crowley, discovers her passion in structural engineering at UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS).

Bridget Crowley

Bridget Crowley, fourth year CEAS architectural engineering student is June's Engineer of the Month

Applying to UC was a no-brainer for the Cincinnati native, as she quickly discovered CEAS was the perfect place to marry her passions for creativity and structural design in the architectural engineering cooperative education program.

“I loved the idea of the co-op program before I came to UC, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would single-handedly impact my life and career as much as it has,” says Bridget Crowley, CEAS Engineer of the Month.

Upon her admittance to CEAS, like many freshman, Bridget was unsure which engineering program she wanted to pursue. With her natural knack for mathematics and science, and a love for art and architecture, Bridget soon found her calling in architectural engineering. The co-op program gave her the flexibility to apply her creative skills in the complexities demanded by structural engineering.

“Structural engineering poses unique challenges, projects vary substantially, and buildings have a large impact on society,” Bridget reflects, “and I am looking forward to the day I can be walking down the street and say, ‘I am part of the reason this structure is standing!’” After all, it’s the job of the architectural engineer to ensure that the inner workings of the building will function properly.

Crowley at the 2015 Steel Bridge Competition

Crowley at the 2015 Steel Bridge Competition

Fortunate to have completed all five co-op rotations at Schaefer Construction Company, Inc., a local structural engineering firm, Bridget takes away a robust understanding of construction technology, professionalism, fundamentals of structural engineering and even Revit training.

Elaborating on her positive professional and personal growth at Schaefer, Bridget says, “I have been exposed to so many different projects from residential and commercial buildings to the foundation design of roller coasters. I always felt part of the team, and I appreciate the time every coworker took to sit down and help me understand any given concept.”

Having felt the stressful realities of performing well academically, maintaining a social life and actively being involved in student organizations, Crowley advises students to find a healthy balance. “For me it is more important to be involved outside of class than receive straight A’s all the time,” explains Bridget. Humbly so, Crowley has made the Dean’s list two quarters and four semesters during her time at UC.

Bridget and fellow UC students in Rome for UC Honors Study Abroad

Bridget and fellow UC students in Rome for UC Honors Study Abroad

Growing up spending a lot of time on the Ohio River waterfront and extending her passion for all things outdoors, Crowley was a natural leader for the 2015 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Ohio Valley Student Conference Steel Bridge Competition hosted by UC. 12 schools from across the Ohio Valley Region design, plan and construct a bridge approximately five feet wide by 17 feet long. Bridget organized and led the day-long competition.

In May of 2014, she was selected to travel to Rome, Italy for eight days with the UC Honors Program, where she found inspiration in the historic monuments, most particularly in St. Peter’s Basilica overlooking the Vatican City and Rome.

As a CEAS college ambassador, Bridget enthusiastically encourages prospective freshmen to pursue this one thing. “Always get involved in an engineering or university group that interests you! I was hesitant to join at first, but if I regret anything, it’s that I didn’t join sooner,” she says.

After her graduation in 2016, Bridget plans to pursue her master’s degree in civil engineering with a focus in structures.

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