Engineer of the Month Reaches for the Sky (Scrapers)

By: Liz Daubenmire

Jason Fischer, civil engineering student in the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) represents UC as May’s Engineer of the Month.  Jason’s interest in sky rise buildings has served him well as he continues to excel.

Jason Fischer

Jason Fischer

“I chose to come to UC for two main reasons.  The famous co-op program and the beautiful campus,” explains Jason Fischer, CEAS Engineer of the Month.  The civil engineering student has certainly taken full advantage of UC’s prestigious cooperative education program as he has excelled and learned a great deal during his placements.  “I have learned through my co-op assignments at Duke Energy that professionalism, character, hard work, and interpersonal skills will go a long way in the workplace,” says Fischer.

Fischer explains what first drew him to civil engineering, “I chose the field because I am intrigued with high sky-rise buildings and the structural components it takes to construct such a marvel.  With all the different components it takes to coordinate and build such a grand of a scale type of project is the reason I chose Civil Engineering.”

He goes on to explains, “What I enjoy about Civil Engineering is that there are so many different applications of it and there are different focuses to learn and gain expertise on that it will take a lifetime of learning to become knowledgeable about the different practices of Civil Engineering.” 

Jason Fischer

It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to stay engaged in course work with the added pressures of working in the field through co-op placements, but Jason has mastered the art of accomplishing it all.  “Keeping up with my course load, I’ve had to face the challenge of multi-tasking and multi-learning.  When I say multi-learning I am referring to several classes that overlapped with other classes.  While studying the material for one it helped me understand the material in another.”

Jason’s advice continues as he encourages other students to maintain a healthy perspective. “Always remember that school is important but it is not everything.  Meaning that you need to find a balance that includes studying to get the grades you desire as well has having life experiences, because college should be filled with great memories.”

“No matter where you come from or if you feel everything is going against you, always remember that tomorrow is another day to do your best.  If you truly believe that at the end of each day you did your best, cards will fall in your favor at their own time,” explains Fischer who began his college career with less help than anticipated.  The burden of paying for college was left solely on Jason’s shoulders, making the start of his time at UC more stressful. After years of hard work, Jason now feels overwhelming recognition for his achievements both inside the classroom and out in the field.  

Upon graduation Jason looks forward to pursuing his career.  He will graduate in confidence knowing the foundation built at UC will take him farther than he can even imagine.  Fischer also looks forward to marrying his fiancé after school, only adding to the incredibly exciting time ahead.  Wishing Jason all the luck in his endeavors, the College of Engineering and Applied Science recognizes this outstanding student as a worthy Engineer of the Month. 

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