Engineer of the Month Maintains Perfect GPA

By: Liz Daubenmire

Lauren Schultz is the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science Engineer of the Month for October.  Schultz maintains a 4.0 GPA in the mechanical engineering ACCEND program where she is simultaneously earning her MBA along with a bachelor's degree.

Lauren Schultz with Dean Teik C Lim

Lauren Schultz with Dean Teik C Lim

Like many of UC’s engineering students, Lauren Schultz named the College of Engineering and Applied Science’s cooperative education program as the number one reason for studying at UC.  

“Having the ability to gain professional work experience in UC’s structured co-op program is a huge advantage.  I am also very impressed with the ACCEND program at UC.”

Through the ACCEND program, which combines a five year bachelor's degree track with a master’s degree, Lauren will earn her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA, all in 5 years.  ACCEND is a unique opportunity for highly motivated students who enjoy the benefits of this two-for-one deal. 

In addition to the accelerated B.S. and MBA degrees, Lauren also has a co-op placement at GE Aviation, which she says, “has been very valuable in the fact that I already have over a year of professional, engineering experience.” 

Lauren’s work experience will pay off tremendously once she graduates.  “Since I have had the opportunity to work in different engineering roles at GE Aviation, I now have a better idea of what sort of role I would like after graduation,” she explains.  Lauren will enter the work force with experience in industry as well as a clearly defined role as an engineer.

While Lauren has spent all five co-op rotations with GE Aviation, she has worked in five different areas leaving her “better prepared to enter the workforce.”

As a 5th year student, Lauren looks forward to graduating this May with multiple degrees and her work experience from GE.  After graduation she says, “I would like to be in a position where I feel challenged and can grow professionally in a positive environment.”  An aspiration for growth and positivity is surely one to be admired.  Lauren Schultz proves to be a motivated employee from the start.

Lauren Schultz, Engineer of the Month for October

Lauren Schultz, Engineer of the Month for October

Between the ACCEND program and her time at GE, Lauren has manage to get involved on campus, particularly with UC’s chapter of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).  This year is Lauren’s second year serving as president of the group which is making a real impact in kids’ lives.  “One of my favorite ASME projects is Bikeworks, which is a group that fixes up old, donated bikes for a couple hours every other week.  We then donate the bikes to needy children in the area through the Old St. George Food Pantry in a bike giveaway every spring...  It’s a great way that ASME gives back to the community.”

October’s Engineer of the Month has also participated in Professor Ghia’s, PhD, Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) program in which she conducted undergraduate research with Professor Lee, PhD.  Lauren explains, “This was a great experience to learn about research with the support of the WISE network.”

Considering Lauren’s numerous responsibilities and engagement at UC, it’s clear why she notes her 4.0 GPA as one of her main accomplishments.  It’s not easy juggling school, work, undergraduate research, and leading a student group, yet Lauren has balanced it all while maintaining straight A’s.

Lauren admits, “Keeping up with school work has been challenging at times.  I’ve had some semesters where I felt completely overwhelmed with school…”  Her secret to success is good time management.  Lauren explains, “When I’m in school, I work as hard as I can during the day (usually up working by 8:00), so that I can have free evenings and weekends.  I’m not always able to have every evening or weekend free, especially during difficult semesters or during project/exam time, but I try to block out some time just to relax and unwind.”

Lauren closes with her final thought, “Make school your priority – hard work pays off.”  If anyone would know about hard work paying off, it’s sure to be October’s Engineer of the Month, Lauren Schultz.

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