NSF Industry-Academia Collaboration in Advanced Manufacturing Workshop

June 22, 2020
8:00 am–5:30 pm
Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza
35 West Fifth Street, Cincinnati, OH


$50 per participant (includes lunch and refreshments)


Please fill the application form (deadline: March 20, 2020). Selected participants will be notified with the registration information by March 31, 2020. 


Hitomi Yamaguchi Greenslet, University of Florida
Sangkee Min, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Brigid Mullany, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Contact Us

Hitomi Yamaguchi E-mail: hitomiy@ufl.edu, Phone: 352-392-0812
Sangkee Min E-mail: sangkee.min@wisc.edu, Phone: 608-262-1993
Brigid Mullany Email: bamullan@uncc.edu, Phone: 704-687-8343


The Industry-Academia Collaboration in Advanced Manufacturing Workshop, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), is designed to encourage more fundamental collaborative research efforts between the academic manufacturing community and industry. A key concept is discussing research that aligns with the Manufacturing USA technology road maps by highlighting the challenges that are too fundamental in nature for the Institutes to support but which align with NSF core programs. We hope to have a diverse range of opinions present at the workshop. By participating in this workshop, you would have opportunities to the following:

  • Identify the future research needs in the US
  • Explore NSF funding programs and mechanisms
  • Identify keys for formulating fundamental research projects from real-world problems
  • Meet and share your ideas with key people from selected Manufacturing USA Institutes and NSF program directors
  • Initiate new collaboration in research, education, and workforce development among the participants 


8:00 am-8:10 am: Introduction

Moderator:  Dr. Thomas Kurfess, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Introduction and opening remarks: NSF program director 

8:10 am–10:30 am Session 1: Manufacturing USA Institutions

  • Institution talk (7 institutions)
  • Panel 1: People from Institutions

10:00 am–10:30 am Coffee break

11:00 am–11:45 am Session 2: Industries

  • Industry introduction 
  • Industry panel—how they interact with institutions and academia 

11:45 am–12:15 pm Session 3a: Five Lightning Talks I

  • Non-typical NAMRC attendees
  • Dynamics, Control and Systems Diagnostics (DCSD) and Operations Engineering (OE)

12:15 pm –1:15 pm Lunch and networking

Assigned tables – topic area/institute/industry

1:15 pm–1:45 pm Session 3b: Five Lightning Talks II

  •   Non-typical NAMRC attendees (DCSD and OE)

Session 4: Research Needs in Advancing US Manufacturing (Breakout Session)

  • 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm Challenges and benefits of Industry-Academia collaboration
  • 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm Potential industry-academia collaborative research topics 
  • 5:00 pm – 5:25 pm Summary of Session 4 and announcement of next steps

3:00 pm–3:30 pm Coffee Break

Session 5: Breakout Sessions

(Two 30 min breakout sessions)

  • Breakout session 1: What's needed for successful academy-industry collaboration? 
  • Breakout session 2: What’s needed for successful multidisciplinary collaboration? 

4:30 pm–5:00 pm Wrap up and Report

Conclusion of the sessions

Speakers and Moderators


Headshot of Thomas Kurfess

Thomas Kurfess

Thomas Kurfess Chief Manufacturing Officer Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Thomas Kurfess is the Chief Manufacturing Officer for Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). In this position he is responsible for the strategic planning for advanced manufacturing at ORNL. His research focuses on the design and development of advanced systems by rapidly developing, scaling and integrating new technologies into production operations. Kurfess has significant experience in production operations, manufacturing systems and policy issues related to advanced manufacturing. Prior to joining ORNL, he was Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the HUSCO/Ramirez Distinguished Chair in Fluid Power and Motion Control. During 2012-2013, Kurfess was on leave serving as the Assistant Director for Advanced Manufacturing at the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America. In this position, he had responsibility for engaging the federal sector and the greater scientific community to identify possible areas for policy actions related to manufacturing. He is Past President of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). He is currently serving on the Board of Governors for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Board of directors for SME, the Board of Director for the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), the Board of Trustees for the MT Connect Institute, and the Executive Committee of MxD (formerly the Digital Design and Manufacturing Innovation Institute). He earned his PhD, SM and SB in mechanical engineering, and an SM in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Headshot of Brandon Ribic

Brandon Ribic

Technology Director, America Makes

Brandon Ribic was named Technology Director of America Makes on October 1, 2019. Driven by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), America Makes is the national accelerator for AM and the first of eight Manufacturing Innovation Institutes (MIIs) established and managed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) as public-private partnerships. America Makes is also a member of the Manufacturing USA® (MFG USA) network, which seeks to secure U.S. global leadership in advanced manufacturing. Previously, Dr. Ribic served as a Joining Engineer within the Rolls-Royce Corporation Materials Technology Center. In this capacity, Dr. Ribic led the Materials Technology Center efforts in additive manufacturing (AM) process modeling and in-situ process monitoring. Specifically, he has spent more than six years researching and developing welding and AM processes for various titanium and nickel superalloy gas turbine engine components. Dr Ribic has led and participated in multiple Metals Affordability Initiative projects focused on AM of nickel superalloys during the last three years. He also successfully developed, qualified, and productionized (TRL 7) the first ever CMSX-4 AM repair for Rolls-Royce. Brandon earned his doctoral degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 2011 from the Pennsylvania State University under the advisement of Prof. T. DebRoy. Dr. Ribic has several patents pending in the area of laser AM. He is also a member of the American Welding Society (AWS) Graduate Fellowship, co-chair of the AWS High Energy Beam Welding and Cutting committee, and chair of the AWS Laser Hybrid Welding subcommittee.

Headshot of Thomas Bollenbach

Thomas Bollenbach

Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI; |BioFabUSA

Thomas Bollenbach, Ph.D. is Chief Technology Officer at the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI)|BioFabUSA. Prior to joining ARMI, Tom served as Vice President of Research and Development at Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, where he led the development of cell- and biomaterial-based tracheal, bronchial and esophageal implants. Tom joined the HART from Organogenesis, where he implemented and completed IND-enabling preclinical programs for a bioengineered living skin graft, and maintained strong cross-functional interactions with Clinical Operations, Manufacturing and Business Units to provide scientific support to corporate strategies. Tom received his B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Waterloo, a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Notre Dame, and completed postdoctoral research at Cornell University.

Headshot of Haresh Malkani

Haresh Malkani

Chief Technology Officer, Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII)

Haresh was appointed CTO of CESMII, The Smart Manufacturing Institute, starting March 1, 2018.  He brings over 29 years of experience in an industrial RD&E environment covering development and deployment of Smart Manufacturing technologies including sensing, automation, control, modeling, simulation and analytics for applications in continuous, hybrid and discrete manufacturing operations. In his role as CTO for CESMII, Haresh oversees the technology mission, road map and objectives of CESMII.  He is responsible for developing the institute’s project portfolio for Smart Manufacturing technologies spanning advanced sensors, controls, modeling, analytics and platforms for manufacturing. He oversees the development and application of the nation’s first open, collaborative Smart Manufacturing technology platform for industrial applications. In addition, he provides guidance on the institute’s technical program content for training and workforce development. Prior to joining CESMII, Haresh was Director of Digital Manufacturing & Automation Technologies at Arconic/Alcoa.  Haresh was responsible for developing the strategy for Smart Manufacturing and deploying solutions that drove productivity across the company’s discrete and hybrid operations.  His expertise in modeling, simulation, advanced sensing, automation, analytics and visualization were key to developing the technical strategy, architecture and approach. Haresh has a successful history of projects developing model-based process control and simulation systems for several unit operations at Arconic/Alcoa.  Haresh represented Arconic/Alcoa at the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) for over 8 years, briefly holding the position of Vice Chairman. Haresh holds a Ph.D. and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University, Illinois and a B.E. Mechanical Engineering from Maharaja Sayajirao University, India.

Headshot of John Keogh

John Keogh

Engineering Manager, Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT)

Dr. John Keogh is the Engineering Manager at Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow (LIFT), a manufacturing research institute in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Keogh completed his doctoral degree under Dr. Lucy Ziurys at the University of Arizona, focusing on analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and astrochemistry. Additionally, he holds B.S. degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular cellular biology and molecular biophysics, and a M.A. degree in chemistry. Dr. Keogh has 13 years of experience in R&D, synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, covering a wide spectrum of disciplines, instrumentation, machinery, and electronics. His most notable recent success involved the design, machining, installation and validation of a quasi-optical beam-waveguide system (a complex optical system) for a millimeter-wave spectrometer, which itself is used for the determination of molecular structures and material properties. Dr. Keogh is very interested in impacting society through lightweighting approaches, advancing new manufacturing techniques, as well as workforce education, development, and diversification.

Headshot of Federico Sciammarella

Federico Sciammarella

President & Chief Technology Officer, Manufacturing Times Digital (MxD)

Federico Sciammarella serves as the President & CTO of MxD, he is in charge of developing and implementing the technology vision for the institute and is looking forward to leading the outstanding team that is currently in place. Federico was previously an associate professor at Northern Illinois University where he directed the Advanced Research in Materials and Manufacturing for more than 10 years which generated over $2.5million dollars in funding and created a launch pad for many students and technologies in advanced manufacturing. He has a long list of publications and patents for applications in laser assisted machining and additive manufacturing. His experience in creating research which always focused on applications for industry fits perfectly into the MxD mission of providing value to its membership.

Headshot of Uday Vaidya

Uday Vaidya

Chief Technology Officer, Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI)

Uday Vaidya serves as the Chief Technology Officer for IACMI-The Composites Institute. He is also the University of Tennessee – Oak Ridge National Laboratory (UT-ORNL) Governor’s Chair in Advanced Composites Manufacturing.  IACMI (Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation) comprises over 160 member companies. At ORNL Vaidya works within the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) on advanced composites and hybrid additive manufacturing. Vaidya also serves as the Director of the University of Tennessee’s Fibers and Composites Manufacturing Facility (FCMF) at UT. Vaidya is an expert on the manufacturing and product development with fiber reinforced polymer composites. His work focuses on lightweight and energy efficient composite for the automotive, transportation, wind, aerospace, infrastructure, defense and industrial applications. Vaidya serves as the Editor in Chief for Elsevier’s Composites B: Engineering journal.  He engages a broad range of undergraduate and graduate students in experiential learning with composites technologies.

Headshot of Arnold Kravitz

Arnold Kravitz

Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM)