Women in Advanced Manufacturing (WIAM) Forum 2020

Following its inaugural event in 2019, the WIAM Forum 2020 continues to address the diversity gap in manufacturing and foster career growth by holding a panel discussion and professional development workshop. This forum is organized by the ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED). All are welcome!

Event Info

Date: June 23, 2020
Location: Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, OH

Session I: Panel of Advanced Manufacturing Leaders

Panel Topic: Career Pathways and Leadership Experiences in Advanced Manufacturing


  • Jennifer Fielding
    Gov't – AFRL/SMD
    Chief, Composite Performance and Application Section
  • Jian Cao
    Academia – Northwestern Univ
    Director, NIMSI
    Cardiss Collins Professor
  • Delcie Durham
    Academia – Univ of South Florida
    Professor Emerita
  • Chandra Brown
    Manufacturing USA Institute – CEO, MxD
  • Sarah Krasley (Tentative)
    Industry – Shimmy Technologies
    Founder and CEO

Session II: Professional Development Workshop


Crystal Morrison, Founder & CEO, EverRise

Working Session I: Professional Networking – Professional Growth and Collaboration


The audience will learn 7 specific tips to use before, during and after networking events.

Working Session II: Empowering Leadership – Differentiator of Effective Leaders


The audience will learn 4 ways to empower others, advocate for themselves and gain a powerful tool for clarifying roles and responsibilities.

Post-Forum Discussion

Volunteering in ASME Community & Networking

ASME 2020 MED/WIAM Organizing Committee

  • Annie Dian-Ru Li
    Lead Organizer
    University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  • Megan McGovern
    General Motors Global R&D Center
  • Barbara Linke
    University of California – Davis
  • Gloria Wiens
    University of Florida
  • Maya Reslan, NIST
    Guest Researcher Program