Where do students work?


Interested in a special kind of job? A specific locale? We'll make the best match possible between a student's interests, abilities, and available jobs. Our students are co-oping with over 600 businesses, industries, research organizations, and governmental agencies located all over the United States, winning accolades (and frequently future jobs) from employers everywhere. The heaviest concentration of assignments tends to be in the Midwest. Students, while on the job, are supervised by the employer and are subject to all regulations of the company by which they are employed and all applicable labor laws.

Engineering co-op students gain experience with many of the most successful corporations in the country! Companies like Procter & Gamble, Boston Scientific, and Dow are among our co-op employers. Based on the success of the co-op program and the quality of our students, new companies continually contact us to join the ranks of potential employers.

international coop

Additionally, we offer a program with an international option that enables students to co-op abroad in great countries like Japan and Germany. With this program, engineers can complete the same 5-year curriculum and gain valuable experience in the global marketplace.

Check out some of the great employers that hire co-ops from the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science:

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