Tuition & Scholarships

Tuition & Financial Planning

UC offers a guide for prospective students covering financial and visa needs as well as consultative assistance.  For more on the activities you will want to consider use the UC International Services Guide to Your UC Stay.

Submitting proof of financial support is necessary for many reasons. Newly admitted students need to show proof of financial support in order to be issued an I-20 or DS 2019 to apply for a visa and enter the United States. Currently enrolled students need to show proof of financial support when changing a program study (change of major), degree level, extending a program of study or requesting an I-20 / DS 2019 for family members. The information below details the breakdown of expenses for all degree levels. Other fees include the General Fee, ITIE Fee, Campus Life Fee, and student health insurance. Living expenses represent a 12 month calendar year. Students requesting program extension can prorate the fees based on the number of semesters necessary to complete the program of study.

For more on the planning process and expenses, please use the UC International Services guide.

Scholarships Available

The University of Cincinnati provides over $20 million in scholarships annually to students who have demonstrated impressive academic talents and achievements. Visit our Download our scholarships brochure for a listing of nearly 100 financial aid opportunities available to international students at UC.

For more on scholarship opportunities visit UC International Services.