Student group in France

The course provides content and teaching in topics such as communication, teamwork and cultural competence. Travelling provides students an opportunity to apply the content in an international setting. Students who choose to go to France will visit French industry, partner universities, and cultural sites that are famous around the world.

Industry Visits

Visiting industry allows students to hear from technical and organizational leaders regarding international business. Students learn from experts the challenges companies face and how they meet those challenges with a workforce able to contribute to the complex, global environment. Each link provides a description from a UC student describing what was learned on the industry visit.

Partner Universities

UC and the College of Engineering & Applied Science have partnerships with several universities in France, including the ones described in the following links. Our partner universities provide opportunities for student exchange, collaborative degree programs, and collaborative research. Qualified students have the opportunity to spend an academic semester or two and perhaps a co-op semester at one of our partners. Check with your academic advisor or Prof Rutz if you are interested.

Cultural Visits and Experiences

France is filled with history, culture, good food, and interesting people. Did you know that when it was first built, Parisians thought the Eiffel Tower was ugly? Now it is perhaps the most recognizable structure in the world and a point of French pride. Students who have visited France have described their experiences in the following links: