MTU Aero

Students in front of engine.


Are you interested in learning more about the metal tubes that fly in the sky? Don’t know what I’m talking about – Keep Reading!

A Bundeswehr military aircraft located right outside of the MTU offices. The MTU logo can be seen on the tail of the craft.

A visit to the MTU Aero Engines facility will be an experience like no other. You’ll have the opportunity to take a walk through the history of airplane engines in the one of a kind museum located on MTU’s grounds. This museum, only open to the public 4 days of the year, showcases mint condition engines and past products of MTU manufacturing. Some of the earlier engines are the last remaining exact replicas in the world.

Take a tour of the manufacturing facilities, and get a taste of how MTU creates the pieces of the engine puzzle! Learn more about the manufacturing process, the people, and the machines. Want to learn more about the think tank behind these ideas? Ask about the 3-D printer room and hall of fame!

Pictured with our guide. L-R: Mr. Chritian Heinzelmaier (guide), Jon Hankenhof, Paige Sumser, Kari Cheek, Nathan Ashcraft, Emily Koschmeder, Ilma Alfadila, Prof. Jim Tappel, Hallie Grant

Testimonial: My visit to MTU was eye opening. You see airplanes everyday, but its not everyday that you get to be this close to the engines, to really analyze the pieces or ask the professionals any questions that you might have. It is quite mind boggling to think that these small pieces are what helped you cross miles of land and sea to be where you are today. Thinking of how many people had to do research on the idea, before they had to present the idea, build a prototype, test the prototype, how many people had to design and build the machines that would make the products…I could keep going. It is amazing when you start to think of the process backwards; the complexity of the companies, the legality of production, product, and location, the costs associated with everything, the environmental aspect for the final product, the manufacturing facility, everything has to fit together or something could go wrong. Visits to manufacturing facilities help you realize that you are one piece in a HUGE puzzle. Everything you see or touch was created using meticulous processes that involves hundreds if not thousands of hours to create.

Every student should take this opportunity to visit another country and culture. You will make unforgettable friends, see landscapes and architecture that will leave you speechless, and eat foods that you will yearn for when you get back to the States. Immerse yourself in a place like no other. See the Alps, hear the language, walk the streets that were once roamed by Kings and Queens. Open your eyes to ideas that weren’t thought of before. Take this chance.

Paige and Jon pose with the front of an engine fan. Jon is 6’2” and Paige is 5’7.

A Bundeswehr military aircraft located right outside of the MTU offices. The MTU logo can be seen on the tail of the craft.

By Emily Koschmeder