Students in Guatemala

Visit the Mayan Ruins of Iximche!

Iximche is a pre-columbian Mayan site located in Guatemala. It used to serve as the capital of the Kaqchikel Maya from 1470 – 1524. The structures were excavated from 1960 – 1972 and are now easily accessible to tourists. In the center, you will find two small plazas of temples, ceremonial platforms, and palaces where the capital used to be ran by wealthy Mayan families. The museum in Iximche also houses and displays sculptures made by the Mayan people, which will provide insight into the way they lived.

This experience will make you realize that we are all global citizens that have similar histories, even if we have different cultural backgrounds. As global citizens, it is our job to preserve the past and to learn from it to build our futures. Being a member of a world-wide community requires us to work together to build a community in the emerging world that respects the values and beliefs of all cultures.

Students should have this experience to expand their knowledge of the past and of Guatemalan culture. It is important to understand the beginnings of civilizations to grow our future. It is also important to understand the cultures of another country to remain aware of their beliefs and backgrounds when developing trust and friendships with them. In addition, diversity makes us more open-minded, smarter, and more creative, which will help students to grow as problem-solvers.