Study Abroad for Students

The College has a growing number of opportunities for students to take part in study abroad programs and international experiences. 

The College has a study abroad exchange with the Newcastle University in England that allows students to spend one academic semester and potentially one co-op semester in Newcastle. 

ENGR 3001 The Global Technical Workforce is a 3 credit course that includes a short study abroad component.  The course helps students develop competencies that enable them to contribute to the global workforce and then provides an opportunity to visit and interact with technical professionals in an international setting.  The course satisfies Diversity and Culture or Social and Ethical Issues for Breadth of Knowledge requirements.  Different sections of the course travel to a variety of our international partners so students can select the location of interest to them.

CHE 3010 Solar Power for Africa is a course that introduces students from a broad range of backgrounds to the potential of photovoltaics in Africa for developing clean energy sources to replace fossil fuel systems; the course will discuss energy infrastructure in Africa in the context of development.  The course includes an optional trip to Ethiopia in December to install a PV system in a clinic near Haramaya University.

ENGR 6010 Effectiveness in Technical Organizations allows students to develop professional skills  - communication, teamwork, motivation, cultural competence, etc. – to complement the technical skills acquired through their degree programs.  The course includes an optional trip over spring break to Scotland to allow students to interact with businesses and students in Scotland.

UC International provides links to many more courses and programs for students to have an international experience.