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ASEE-Engineering Deans Council

  •     Engineering by the Numbers - 2015 report, “Engineering by the Numbers” is back! And smaller! Each year, the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) publishes “Engineering by the Numbers,” a summary of national trends in engineering education based on annual surveys of engineering and engineering technology schools. Because of how the data are tabulated and presented, schools with the largest student enrollment, the highest number of degrees awarded, and the most faculty members are featured most prominently. Smaller engineering schools are often missing from the document, even though many respond to the surveys. To highlight their contributions, ASEE has created a “Smaller Engineering by the Numbers” to feature these schools.

ASEE-NAE Diversity Impediments

  • “Surmounting the Barriers: Ethnic Diversity in Engineering Education” was the title of a workshop held September 26-27, 2013, to take a fresh look at impediments to greater diversity in engineering education. While the goal of diversifying engineering education has long been recognized, studied, and subjected to attempted interventions, progress has been fitful and slow. The objectives of the workshop were to identify and discuss the impediments to diversity and to draw on the experience of speakers and attendees in finding ways to move forward.




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