Incoming International Students

Welcome to UC

Welcome to our home! We are excited about your educational endeavor with  UC and have provided some helpful links below to student organizations as well as the International Office. Through these networks, we help one another. We encourage you to connect with us.

Asian American Association: The Asian American Association serves to unite Asian Pacific Americans (Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Taiwanese, Japanese, etc.) by fostering a genuine interest in South Asian, East Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures; to be a forum of diverse ideas; to promote awareness of Asian American presence on campus and community through cultural, social, communal, and educational activities.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA):The Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) at the University of Cincinnati is a non-profit organization that has been founded for more than 20 years. 

The purpose of CSSA is to provide a platform for all students of Chinese origin to interact and share the joy Chinese culture and heritage, and to foster the understanding of China and its culture in the UC community. 

The Association is aiming at representing what all the members wish, protecting their rights, enhancing the friendship among the members and improving the mutual understanding between the Chinese students and the American people of all walks of life. Meanwhile, it organizes various activities bearing on the above mentioned aims.

Indian Student Association:The Indian Students Association at the University of Cincinnati is an umbrella organization for the Indian / Indian American students at the University of Cincinnati and our goal is to provide a basic support network for them. Connect with us through Facebook.

Saudi Ariabian Student Association: The Saudi Arabian Student Association is a student organization dedicated to promote interest in Saudi Arabian culture and history. Other goals of the organization are: increasing the understanding between Saudi Arabian culture and other cultures, representing Saudi students? needs and wants in regards to academic achievement, and providing fellowship between students and faculty. New Saudi students starting at UC find it difficult to adjust to the new environment at UC. The Saudi Arabian Student Association will help those students to acclimate to the new learning environment. In addition to that, it will help Saudi students to engage and participate in various UC events. This organization is open to all students and is focused on uniting the campus by increasing the level of acceptance and respect among students. This organization will hold meetings once a month and during these times club members will educate other students about their culture and background.