About the UC-CQU JCI Alliance

Due to the potential for many excellent opportunities for both CQU and UC-CEAS, we are embarking on this new collaboration together.  

This partnership will provide further opportunity for students to study and work abroad in China as part of their experiential learning education. It will serve as a launching pad for faculty to further develop their research through increased cooperation between the University of Cincinnati and Chongqing University. Finally, this partnership will be the alliance between UC and Chongqing University and expand to include other disciplines such as law, business, planning and design.

JCI At a Glance

Approximately 250 Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering students are currently enrolled in the JCI.

  • Within 3 years, the JCI is expected to enroll 200 freshmen each year.
  • In steady state, we expect to have a total enrollment of 1,000 students across 4 academic programs.
  • Each year, 800 students will be in residence at CQU or on co-op in China and 200 seniors will be at UC.

JCI Academic Program Overview

JCI curriculum is identical to that of UC-CEAS:

  • For academic years 1-4, JCI students will study with internationally recognized UC and CQU faculty in English.
  • In year 5, JCI students will enroll in the same UC courses as traditional CEAS students.
  • Students will co-op for 5 semesters at leading domestic and multinational corporations in China
  • Students enjoy academic and collegiate endeavors here in the US as well as in China.