CEAS welcomes New Senior Director of Development

By: Desiré Bennett

The University of Cincinnati's College of Engineering and Applied Science names Lori Kincaid as the new Senior Director of Development.

Lori Kincaid

Lori Kincaid

The College of Engineering and Applied Science welcomed Lori Kincaid on March 4 as the Senior Director of Development. This is the lead position in CEAS’s development program.

Lori has a successful background in major gift fundraising and leadership development at a number of institutions including the University of Kentucky, Johns Hopkins University, Baptist Hospital, Louisville and the University of Louisville and she is excited to join the UC family. “UC is really uniquely placed right now,” Kincaid said. “I was really happy to be considered at a place that has this history but also has a lot of forward momentum.”

Much of that momentum is fueled by the college’s partnerships with alumni. “What we’re charged with doing is connecting alumni and others to the work of the college to further its goals for students, faculty, etc.,” she said. “We want to be able to better connect people with students and faculty and some of the cutting edge research that’s going on here by really making them aware of all of the economic development opportunities and innovative research that students and faculty are doing.”

At the crux of that innovative research is the knowledge gained from STEM disciplines. “All of the innovations have their grounding in the STEM discipline,” she said. “Moving society forward starts in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. And so to be a part of making that better and moving that forward, not just in the city but regionally and nationally as well, is pretty important.”  

Just as important, Kincaid aims to put together a robust program that will lead to increased private support for the college. This program will ultimately increase the number and quality of faculty and students. “That’s our reason for being—to create more opportunities for those faculty and students,” she explains.

Continuing and propelling the CEAS tradition of excellence is paramount to Kincaid. “To have a highly rated, top-notch College of Engineering and Applied Science is the goal.”