Revolution UC Hacked a Big Weekend!

By: Ashley Duvelius

UPDATE: UC’s first Hackathon, RevolutionUC, was a great success with over 150 participants from across the country working tirelessly around-the-clock to spur the best hack.
RevolutionUC was a major success! The competition was primarily about experiential learning—making it fun to experiment with novel technologies. We achieved that goal, and all of our participants greatly enjoyed the event,” reflects event co-organizer and CEAS computer science student, Jonah Back.
First place was awarded to Matthew Corbett, Nathan Triplett, Aaron Triplett, and Anthony Vella for creating the “Campus Alert System,” a cross-platform mobile and web based application to increase the safety of UC's campus acting as, essentially, a mobile version of the blue help phones that have been around campus for years.
Second place went to Madhavun Candadai, Sameeha Jahangir, Baargav Raghavan, and Haritha Kalyanaraman for their “QuickPick” app. QuickPick is a recommender system for users to quickly pick restaurants, simply by making binary choices from a set of random food images.
Third place was awarded to Mike Perry for his “TourUC” app. The app, using a Bluetooth low energy transmitter (iBeacon) and a client application that responds to notifications from the iBeacon, receives a welcome notification when a user is in range and shows him/her an introductory video about the UC building and the departments within it. The client app also sends out a tweet to Twitter.
Congratulations to all of the RevolutionUC winners and participants!

The University of Cincinnati Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) student chapter and the College of Engineering and Applied Science are hosting UC’s first hackathon, “Revolution UC,” on April 5 and April 6, 2014.

Revolution UC

UC’s first hackathon, hosted by the University of Cincinnati Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) student chapter and the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS), will be held in the UC CEAS Learning Center from April 5 to April 6, 2014. The hackathon, appropriately named “Revolution UC,” begins at 3 pm on Saturday and will draw to a close with an award ceremony at 6 pm on Sunday.

What is a hackathon you ask? Jonah Back, head of UC’s ACM student chapter and co-organizer of Revolution UC, explains:

“A hack is applying your knowledge about computing in an effort to solve a problem that someone else may not even know they have. A hackathon is a continuous 24-hour period in which the brightest minds in the computer science field come together to give it all they’ve got to create the best hack possible.”

During a hackathon, students are continuously supplied with caffeine and food as they build unique websites, mobile apps, or hardware hacks over 24 hours. At the end of the programming period, participants present their resulting hacks to a panel of judges (often organizers and sponsors) who then select winners for various prizes. Winners of these computer science competitions are awarded anything from t-shirts and hardware credits to substantial cash amounts.

Hackathons have taken the country by storm lately, as an event niche that gives programmers the rare opportunity to meet to do collaborative computer programming. As a testament to their ever-growing popularity, two of the largest student hackathons, PennApps and MHacks, brought together over 1,000 hack-generating individuals from universities worldwide!

And students aren’t the only ones who are displaying a vast interest in these events—numerous well-known companies such as Google, Linked In, and Apple attend hackathons in search of future employees. Therefore, these events are increasingly being considered as a “Career Fair 2.0,” allowing students the chance to showcase their innovative handiwork to potential employers.

Jonah Back and Ken Addison showcase their mobile app Snippet, at McHacks.

Jonah Back and Ken Addison showcase their mobile app Snippet, at McHacks.

UC is now joining the renowned hackfest ranks with their first hackathon, Revolution UC. Over 150 participants are expected to make UC their home for the productive weekend. Deep India, Jenco Brothers’ Candy, Mio’s, and Taste of Belgium have volunteered to keep the troops well-nourished and various UC professors are set to students thinking with “Tech Talks” about the latest and greatest computer science technologies.

Revolution UC—organized by CEAS computer science students Jonah Back and Shyamal Ruparel, along with the support of computer science faculty—is being sponsored by: CEAS, UCIT, zipscene, The Brandery, Cardinal Solutions, Differential, Lob, Roadtrippers, Gaslight, sparkfun, GitHub, stickermule, Wolfram, Asus, and namecheap.

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