UC Professor Named a NerdScholar’s 40 Under 40: Professors Who Inspire

By: Liz Daubenmire

Jason Heikenfeld’s passion for technology is contagious.  From exciting students in the classroom, to starting three companies, Heikenfeld continues to embody innovation.


Professor Heikenfeld, PhD

It is Professor Heikenfeld’s success both in and outside the classroom that landed him a spot on NerdScholar’s 40 Under 40 list of “Professors Who Inspire.”  As a representative of the University of Cincinnati, he is one of many educators from all over the country recognized for their impact on students.

Heikenfeld accepted his nomination with honor and humility, crediting his students and the university as he states, “…From research discoveries to teaching innovations, the momentum puts a bit of wind at a professor's back."

University of Cincinnati students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science rave of Professor Heikenfeld’s ability to make electrical engineering come alive.  His practical applications of science and technology through personal experiences spark interest, which explains his ranking in Ohio’s Top 25 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Professors.

Paper e-reader

Paper e-reader

Outside the classroom, Heikenfeld is impacting the world of technology with his focus on electrofluidics which he uses for alternative display methods, vastly expanding marketing and commercial capabilities. 

Electrofluidic display technology (EFD) aims to compete with standard LCD screens but with increased clarity and brightness- even in direct sunlight.  While the science is complex, the results of EFD are groundbreaking in the world of display technologies.  EFD has the potential to revolutionize e-readers, window displays, and eventually even your phone case.

In a previous article, Heikenfeld explained, “(Your phone case) will be able to change color either automatically by reading the color of your outfit that day or by means of a downloaded app. It’s possible because of low-power, reflective technology.”

Heikenfeld recently started his third company, Eccrine Systems LLC, to commercialize recent research for real-time monitoring of bodily functions through skin.

As a Cincinnati native, Heikenfeld continues to boost his hometown, bringing recognition and pride to the university and business sector.  Last year he was selected as the Sigma Xi Young Investigator at UC for his research accomplishments.  Heikenfeld has been recognized globally for his research, and co-authored many published papers.

Jason Heikenkfeld may be recognized for his many awards, businesses, and published works, but his passion truly lies in teaching where, as he says, "You can't beat the impact you can have."



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