Mechanical Engineers Start Smart at UC

By: Liz Daubenmire

Incoming mechanical engineering freshmen will surely reap the benefits of UC’s highly ranked College of Engineering and Applied Science.

From planes and trains, to automobiles, mechanical engineers can do it all. Those majoring in mechanical engineering go on to enter a wide variety of industries including electronics, construction, aerospace, automobiles, and many more.  Because all industries have some form of mechanics, mechanical engineers are always in need to design and maintain each part.

The University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) transforms young students into experienced workers as each year brings a new graduating class.  This year, the focus is on the incoming class and their promising future transformation. 

Coupled with high test scores and even higher GPAs, the 2014 incoming class includes 26 National Merit Scholars.  The mechanical engineering department is gladly home to six of those students for the next five years.

Gabrielle Notorgiacomo

Gabrielle Notorgiacomo

One student, Gabrielle Notorgiacomo shares her excitement in becoming a Bearcat, “I'm extremely excited to go to UC this fall.  What drew me to UC was the university's spirit- I felt it the moment I stepped on campus.  On my tour, the students were so friendly and seemed to genuinely love and take pride in their school.  I can't wait to be a contributing member of that community.”  As Gabrielle put nicely, the incoming class is looking forward to not only continuing their education, but also becoming a part of UC’s tight community.

Gabrielle comes from a background of success from serving as the President of the Villa Madonna Academy chapter of National Honor Society to playing the lead role, Dorothy, in the production of “Wizard of Oz.”  She was also the recipient of the City of Erlanger Achievement Scholarship for her foundation of the Knitting Club, which knits scarves for the homeless. Valedictorian and Villa Madonna Blue Lightening Award winner continue the list of Gabrielle’s many high school accomplishments, bringing pride to the bearcat community. 

Ethan Fitz

Ethan Fitz

UC’s “infections spirit” as Gabrielle puts it, draws students far and wide to become a part of the action.  The university encourages students to get involved from the beginning just as Ethan Fitz plans to do. “I am eager to get started in the mechanical engineering program at UC!  The strong engineering program and co-op opportunities are the two main characteristics that made UC stand out from other schools.  While at UC, I hope to participate in undergraduate research, and plan to join the Robotics Club.” 

UC offers a great undergraduate research program with more than 650 opportunities for students in over 100 locations throughout the U.S.

As Ethan pointed out, the programs within CEAS are among some of the top in the country.  The Cooperative Education Program, specifically, is nationally ranked and for good reason.  With students placed in over 600 different businesses, industries, and research organizations, as mentioned on the informational page, UC proves to be an expert at getting students plugged into their future careers.

CEAS welcomes the incoming mechanical engineers with enthusiasm as they begin their five-year journey here at UC.