National Merit Scholar Follows in Family’s Footsteps

By: Ashley Duvelius

National Merit Scholar, Marcus Moore, enters the chemical engineering program and continues his family’s UC engineering legacy as he joins the CEAS freshman class this fall.

Marcus Moore

“Attending the University of Cincinnati has become a coveted tradition for my family as I truly hail from a long line of UC alumni, many of whom attended with the Cincinnatus Excellence Scholarship. Both my father and grandfather were UC CEAS (College of Engineering and Applied Science) engineers—I’ve always felt that ‘UC engineering is in my blood,’” explains National Merit Scholar and incoming chemical engineering freshman, Marcus Moore.

Moore comes to UC from Lakota West High School in West Chester, OH. His enjoyment of the math courses, such as Honors Algebra II and Honors Geometry, spurred his consideration for a major in engineering.

As an active member of Lakota West's Junior Classical League Latin Club, Mu Alpha Theta Math Club, National Honor Society, and the Marching Firebirds Marching Band, Moore quickly realized, “It is most apparent that no matter how ‘good’ at something you are, you can always be better.” He was selected as a Lakota West Field Commander as a direct result of his determination to excel.

“I consider this appointment to be my greatest accomplishment. During my first year of marching band, I distinctly remember working hard during practices, memorizing my music and drill, all while encouraging people to be more enthusiastic. I sincerely wanted to be the Lakota's first African American Clarinet Section Leader (and to better our band, of course). Thankfully, my band directors soon recognized my work ethic, and when I auditioned for Field Commander in my junior year, they chose me.

Through this role of Field Commander, I learned a great deal about leadership and working together as a unit to achieve a common goal. It’s my most discernible example to date of how setting a goal and working hard to reach that goal truly pays off.”

Outside of the class and band rooms, Moore enjoys volleyball and amateur tumbling. And he’s always up for the occasional leisurely sports game with his friends.

Moore adds, “I chose to focus on chemical engineering because I feel it is the type of engineering in which I can simultaneously utilize my strengths and better myself.” Planning to bring every bit of this motivation and optimism to UC in the fall, he’s greatly looking forward to the opportunities that await him at CEAS.