Mark Your Calendars—the Robots are Coming…to 5/3 Arena!

By: Ashley Duvelius

As a university-wide celebration and recognition of UC robotics, the UC College of Nursing and the College of Engineering and Applied Science gear up to host UC Robotics Night at 5/3 Arena on November 20, 2013 at 7 pm.

Robotics Night

The UC College of Nursing and the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) gear up to host UC Robotics Night at 5/3 Arena on November 20, 2013 at 7 pm as the UC Men’s Basketball Team takes on the Campbell Fighting Camels. UC Robotics Night is a university-wide recognition of robotics and recognizes UC’s commitment to embrace and enhance the flourishing field of robotics.

UC President Santa J. Ono affirms, “The global good that fosters and flourishes from robotics technology is undeniable. From replacing human hands during intricate surgical procedures to performing dangerous military operations, robotics is a field that truly improves our way of life. I encourage such innovations in hopes of transforming the world of tomorrow.”

In partnership with UC Athletics, all FIRST® Robotics team members, parents, advisors and sponsors are invited to attend. Special ticket rates are available for FIRST® Robotics at the Official Cincinnati Bearcats Online Ticket Marketplace. Details for the promotion price were included in the open invitation sent to FIRST® Robotics teams in all of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

The event will appropriately conclude what is an undoubtedly hot month for UC Robotics with the Smart Innovation Collaboratory House of Maple Knoll unveiling set to take place on November 5th, followed by the International Human-Centered Robotics Symposium (HuCeRo – 2013) from November 14-17 at the Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center and UC Robotics Night at 5/3 Arena.

On November 5, 2013, at an invitation-only open-house, residents of Maple Knoll Village (a continuing care retirement community in Springdale) have an opportunity to view the future by touring the village’s new Smart Innovation Collaboratory House. The Smart Innovation Collaboratory House is a high-tech residence developed in partnership with the UC College of Medicine’s geriatric experts and designed by the UC College of Nursing and CEAS to determine whether technology can close the primary care gap for an aging population.

“The invitation-only Open House runs from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 11100 Springfield Pike, and tours are in demand,” says Megan Gresham, director of communications for Maple Knoll Communities, Inc.

The following week, from November 14-17, 2013, UC will host the International Human-Centered Robotics Symposium (HuCeRo).  HuCeRo aims to bring together leading researchers and engineers in the fields of robotics, computer science, material science, and brain-computer interaction. Participants will present ongoing work, share ideas for future developments in human-centered robotics, and help lay the foundation for a formal course curriculum to train engineers in this area. Symposium speakers from UC include: Vasile Nistor, PhD and CEAS biomedical engineering assistant professor; Debi Sampsel, DNP and Chief Officer of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the College of Nursing; and Grant Schaffner, PhD and CEAS aerospace engineering assistant professor.

Robotics Night

Special recognitions will be made throughout UC Robotics Night as UC honors robotics collaborations spanning the university including those between the College of Nursing, the College of Medicine and CEAS, ongoing at the Collaboratory for Medical Innovation and Implementation (CMII), the UC Center for Robotics Research, and the Innovation Collaboratory House of Maple Knoll.

Also being honored are mechanical engineering students, Adam and Anthony Ogg. The University of Cincinnati’s Office of the President and CEAS recently partnered to jointly fund FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Scholarships. The initial scholarships awarded to the Ogg brothers are particularly significant given their many years as FIRST® Robotics Competition participants and the fact that they will serve as FIRST Robotics ambassadors for UC students over the current academic year.

Beginning next fall (2014), the UC President’s Office and CEAS are making 25 one-time $2,000 FIRST® Robotics Scholarships available to entering freshmen who participated in FIRST® Robotics.

CEAS Interim Dean Teik C. Lim says, “Interest in the interdisciplinary field of robotics has rightfully skyrocketed, and our college is showing the results of this interest as enrollment in our engineering program this year has grown substantially.

Robotics Night

Additionally, our students are consistently excelling at co-op experiences utilizing robotics while numerous widely respected organizations are taking note of their significant accomplishments. For example, a trio of our own aerospace students presented ‘Surveillance for Intelligent Emergency Response Robotic Aircraft (SIERRA)’ at the National Council of Space Grant Directors' Meeting. This was the first time that NASA had streamed these presentations ‘live’ online.”

Prior to the game, there will be a robot demonstration by the CEAS Robotics Club and aerospace engineering students, Wei Wei and Bryan Brown.

CEAS Associate Dean Allen Arthur adds, “The CEAS Robotics Club is thriving within the college, and it is great fun to see what their imagination brings to UC Robotics Night at 5/3. This talented group of students never ceases to amaze me.”

We hope you save the date and pack the stands in support of UC robotics as it quickly becomes the hottest career in the hottest college in America!

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