National Merit Scholars Enter UC’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Program

By: Desiré Bennett

CEAS is proud to welcome National Merit Scholars Elizabeth Kelly, Dane Sowers and Christopher Wilson into its Electrical Engineering and Computing degree programs.

The National Merit Scholarship competition recognizes high school students who show outstanding academic promise.  More than 1.5 million students take the Preliminary SAT and National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) each year to qualify as a National Merit Scholar. In this highly competitive process, less than one out of every 100 students that apply become a National Merit Scholar.  This extraordinary group of students includes valedictorians, perfect SAT scores, and 4.0+ GPAs. 

Three National Merit Scholars are entering the disciplines of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering in the School of Electronic and computing systems this year with each receiving a UC Cincinnatus Excellence Scholarship which includes full tuition, room, and a one-time $1,500 stipend to be used towards a computer purchase, study abroad experience, or research experience. This scholarship is offered to finalists in the National Merit and National Achievement Scholarship Programs who have demonstrated the ability to excel in their academic endeavors.

Elizabeth Kelly

Elizabeth Kelly

Entering CEAS this fall is National Merit Scholar and incoming Electrical Engineering freshman, Elizabeth Kelly, who attended Saint Ursula Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Elizabeth says her interest in physics led her to study electrical engineering, but it is UC’s distinctive programs that ultimately led her to the university. “I chose UC because of the co-op program and all of the opportunities it will create for me,” she said.

Elizabeth credits her ability to balance school work, a part-time job, cross country running, and other extra-curricular activities as her biggest accomplishment throughout high school. Among those activities were critiquing high school plays as a “Cappies Critic,” serving as the secretary of Images – a creative writing magazine, and acting as a member of the Classic Music Society.

Elizabeth, who describes herself as optimistic, cheerful, and caring, says she is “incredibly excited about the opportunity to pursue an education at UC” and is interested in pursuing research opportunities and attending graduate school in the future. 

Dane Sowers

Dane Sowers

National Merit Scholar and incoming Computer Engineering freshman Dane Sowers attended Olentangy Orange High School in Lewis Center, OH. Computer engineering is a natural fit for Dane as he says he most enjoyed computer science and AP Physics courses in high school. “My strongest subjects were math and science, so I knew that engineering was definitely the field for me,” he said. “I am very interested to learn more in this area.”

When Dane was not in the classroom, he participated in a plethora of extracurricular activities including serving on the principal's advisory committee, student council, class cabinet, and being an active member in the German club.

In his spare time, Dane enjoys spending time with his family and friends, “and when I am not doing that, I enjoy playing video games,” he says.

Dane, who was his class valedictorian, believes that UC is unlike other universities he has visited. “The co-op program is excellent and I feel that having the real-world experience that it provides will be a very valuable asset when pursuing careers in the future.”

Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson

Also entering CEAS this fall is National Merit Scholar and incoming Electrical Engineering freshman, Christopher Wilson, who attended Walnut  Hills high school in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Calculus, engineering and social science courses were among Christopher’s favorite in high school, so it is no surprise that he chose to major in electrical engineering. “I want to be involved with research and design of new and developing technologies,” he said. “This seems like the most direct path to this goal.”

Christopher has been a member of the Boy Scouts since the 6th grade and served as Troop Leader for one year. He was also an executive board member of the Walnut Hills Animation Club, where he was in charge of planning meetings and events.

Christopher, who describes himself as sincere, creative, and tenacious, says he choose UC because “it has a great coop program in addition to its normal classroom work.”

Elizabeth Kelly, Dane Sowers and Christopher Wilson are just three among the many students entering the Engineering program at UC. All are excited about the future possibilities associated with UC’s engineering program.

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