Jay Kim, PhD, hosts workshop on CQU’s Structural Dynamics Research Laboratory

By: Shannon Frohme

Structural Dynamics Research Laboratory (SDRL): History, Capabilities and Current Research Activities

Jay Kim, PhD

Jay Kim, PhD

More than one hundred students, tightly-packed in Chongqing University's (CQU) First Teaching Building, anxiously await for Jay Kim, PhD, and UC's College of Engineering and Applied Science Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department Head, to begin the workshop on CQU’s Structural Dynamics Research Laboratory (SDRL). The Co-Deans of UC-CQU Engineering Joint Cooperative Institute (JCI) Cong Huang and Jin Chen are also in attendance.

Kim introduces the mission and history of SDRL and explains how the laboratory functions as a structural mechanics research test center, equipped with world-class research resources and experimental equipment.

Professor Kim points out to audience, CQU’s SDRL's research and teaching mission: from the perspective of both theoretical and practical angles, to seek and evaluate the approach of solving structural dynamics and acoustics problems.

At the University of Cincinnati, The Mechanical Engineering Research Institute consists of four main parts: the aviation mechanics laboratory, sound and vibration laboratory, structural mechanics research laboratory and Intelligent Maintenance Systems Center.

The UC Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Structural Dynamics Research Laboratory, a leader in experimental modal analysis and structural dynamics, is dedicated to the development, investigation and evaluation of structural systems. Recent research projects are focused on “structural health monitoring, damage detection and prognosis, identification of general systems for control design, active vibration control, rotating machinery modeling and signature analysis, vibroacoustic interaction in structures and acoustic noise source identification utilizing microphone arrays,” according to UC-SDRL.

JCI students amongst the audience are enthusiastic for future access and learning opportunities in the cutting-edge research laboratory. Kim details several research projects of students currently enrolled in SDRL. At the present moment, there are a total of two post-doctoral students and about twenty graduate students enrolled in SDRL.

Contributors to the strong SDRL research resources include Professor Randall Allemang, director of the center; UC professor and CEAS Dean, Teik Lim; Professor Allyn Phillips and Professor Jay Kim, all holding very high achievements in their respective fields.

Funding for the laboratory is provided by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler, Hyundai, GE Aviation, Boeing, Caterpillar, Eaton, Faurecia numerous associations and corporate groups and other research funding.