UC Team Wins AIChE Regionals- Competes in National Competition This Weekend

University of Cincinnati won Regionals for the AIChE Chem E Car Competition in April, qualifying them to compete again, this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia in hopes of claiming victory at the national competition.

chem car competition

“I'm pleased to report that we experienced several successes at the Regional ChemE Car competition at MSU this weekend,” a humble mention from student, Kyle Bollinger after the UC team returned home from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) regional competition.

The “several successes” included winning first place in the Chem E Car competition at Michigan State University, which qualifies the team to compete at nationals this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Chem-E-Car is AIChE's annual competition engages college students in designing and constructing a car that is powered and stopped by chemical reactions. The car must carry a specified load over a given distance. The car that stops closest to the given distance wins, meaning precise measurement is a must.

chem car competition

Kyle explains, “The new pneumatically powered car, named The Shake n' Bake, came in 1st place…  On the first run we managed to come within 3 cm of the target distance (17.5 meters)…  This means we have qualified for National competition that is scheduled to take place in Atlanta, GA in November.”

The University of Cincinnati team competed against 12 other schools including Purdue and Ohio State.   Their success in the regional competition is yet another indicator or UC’s outstanding engineering program.  UC ‘s faced some great competitors in April, making this victory all the more special.


chem car competition

University of Cincinnati students were also recognized for their enthusiasm, winning the Spirit of the Competition Award for their great attitudes throughout the competition.  Humble and talented, the team exemplified the spirit of the University of Cincinnati.

The team looks forward to competing in the National Chem E Car competition in Atlanta, Georgia. The University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science wishes the team best of luck as they advance to the final level of competition. 

The UC team will arrive in Atlanta with confidence and ready to compete, remembering always, WE ENGINEER BETTER™.