UC Professor Appointed by State Representative

UC College of Engineering and Applied Science Professor, Paul Orkwis, PhD, is one of the newly appointed members of the Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee.

Paul Orkwis, PhD

Paul Orkwis, PhD

The professors of the College of Engineering and Applied Science continue to establish themselves as pioneers in their individual areas of study.

The most recent professor proving his knowledge and expertise is Paul Orkwis, PhD.  Orkwis has just been appointed to the Ohio Aerospace and Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee- a great testament to his contributions to the University of Cincinnati.

Professor Orkwis serves as the Department Head of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. Orkwis also serves as the co-director for the Joint Engineering Co-Op Institute (JCI) in China. 

He explains, “This committee comes at an exciting time for aerospace in Ohio. As the birthplace of aviation and the home of the first person to walk on the moon we hold a unique place in history but still need to create its future. I look forward to helping Ohio remain the heart of aerospace as new and exciting developments occur with the dawn of unmanned aerial systems and new additive manufacturing capabilities.”

As an involved faculty member furthering his area of expertise, there’s no question why Professor Paul Orkwis has been appointed to this prestigious committee.   


Created by House Bill 292, which was passed by the Ohio General Assembly and signed by Governor Kasich on June 17, 2014, the Committee will bring together members of the aerospace and aviation community from industry leaders, military representatives, academic experts, and state government officials. The goal of the Committee will be to develop a singular, focused, statewide strategy that will unite often disparate segments of the aerospace and aviation community, and ensure that Ohio’s already rich aerospace and aviation legacy will lead the nation for years to come. Under Ohio law, the Committee will not formally come into existence until mid-September.


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