CEAS Distinguished Alum Captivates with "Cincy Story”

By:     Ashley Duvelius
Date:  April 28, 2016

John watson

John T. Watson, PhD, is Professor of Bioengineering (BE) and a Founder of the William von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement at the University of California, San Diego. For the BE Department he directs the Master of Engineering Program, co-directs the professional degree Masters of Advanced Studies for Medical Device Engineering Program and directs the Whitaker Center for Biomedical Engineering.

Professor Watson’s research interests include: 1) engineering design principles that improve outcomes for combined assisted circulation and adjunct agents; and 2) innovations in existing public policy that decrease the timeline for clinical use of new medical technologies. He also oversees the BE student outreach activities for community service and developing leadership opportunities and experience.

Professor Watson attended the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science (BSME ‘62), received his MSME from SMU, and earned his PhD in Physiology from University of Texas Southwest Medical School.

On April 19, 2016, Professor Watson presented his “My Cincy Story” as part of the University of Cincinnati’s UC Graduate Fellows Distinguished Speaker Series during Research Week. His discussion highlighted how natural and acquired attributes combine to create an engineer/physiologist with technical competence and a tendency to never think within the “Box.” The presentation also featured the value of a carefully developed technical mission statement to provide the vision for achieving progress towards an important clinical objective.

Professor Watson provided several case examples for developing public/private partnerships for designing and validating new medical technologies, such as implantable heart assist systems and less-invasive diagnostic imaging devices. Engineering challenges and solutions while a co-op and in the private sector were also explored.

“Studying mechanical engineering and co-oping gave me the skills and initial experience to eventually contribute to a better understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of human heart failure. Heart failure afflicts nearly six million citizens and is a large healthcare cost. Half of those developing heart failure die within five years of diagnosis. It is an equal opportunity debilitating condition for both men and women of all ages and races,” reflects Professor Watson.

The College of Engineering and Applied Science applauds and gives many thanks to Professor Watson for his inspiring insight.


Please select to view the video of Professor Watson’s “My Cincy Story: From Co-op to Heart Failure” as presented on April 19, 2016.