Nigerian Engineer of the Month Proves Perseverance Pays Off

By: Staci Jones
Date: February 1, 2017

Olumayowa Daniel, architectural engineering senior, is the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) Engineer of the Month for February.

Olumayowa Daniel

International student, Olumayowa Daniel, was prodded by his uncle to travel from Nigeria to Cincinnati to follow in his footsteps by attending his alma mater – the University of Cincinnati.

Olumayowa regards his biggest challenge to have been adjusting to a new culture. In spending all of his life in Nigeria, his first few weeks in a new country were overwhelming.

“From the weather to the whole accent, it was a hurdle at first,” said Olumayowa, “I’ve pretty much gotten it down now. I can’t believe I was dragging my feet! UC has been amazing!”

In selecting a field to pursue, Olumayowa’s interests aligned with architecture, but he also felt the need to add engineering technicalities. He felt that UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) architectural engineering program could do just that. He states that the diversity of his curriculum allows him to explore different types of companies during the mandatory cooperative education (co-op) program.

Olumayowa’s first co-op rotation was at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati. His second rotation was with Landrum & Brown, an aviation planning firm. Olumayowa’s last double rotation was with K4 Architecture + Design in downtown Cincinnati. He regards all rotations to have been great learning opportunities that provided him with a better understanding of the construction industry.

“I like the exposure I got to the different parts of the building industry. Right now, the demand for construction professionals is on the rise so the future looks bright for me and my colleagues in the industry,” stated Olumayowa.

Olumayowa considers his biggest achievement to be perseverance. If he ever feels that his performance is inadequate, he works hard to improve himself for the next time around. He says his strong faith is what helps him fix his gaze on the future regardless of errors he's made in the past.

“My advice for my fellow students would be to find what drives you and stick to it, but at the same time never stop balancing. I think it should be more like a verb in present continuous tense as opposed to a noun,” said Olumayowa.

Balance is an integral part of Olumayowa’s faith. Since attending UC he has participated in numerous construction competitions, been a member of a choir in Fairfield, Ohio, served as a youth teacher at church, attended the Leadership Institute with the UC Honors Program, served as a peer leader at the UC Center of First Year and Learning Communities, and has also been honored at various industry dinners – with the largest being the Spirit of Construction Gala at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center where he received a scholarship for his performance and contribution to the industry as a student.

Upon graduation this spring, Olumayowa is deciding between moving back to Nigeria for the National Youth Service Program or immediately entering a graduate program in civil engineering. He plans to make his decision this month.

On behalf of College of Engineering and Applied Science, congratulations to Olumayowa Daniel on your outstanding achievements thus far and as the February Engineer of the Month.


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