Co-op Creates Career Pipeline for Engineer of the Month

By:    Staci Jones
Date: January 4, 2017

Allison Keeton, senior mechanical engineering ACCEND student, is the Engineer of the Month at the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) for the month of January.

Allison Keeton

With a strong interest in math and critical thinking, Allison Keeton decided that focusing on mechanical engineering would create a strong foundation for a variety of potential career paths. In selecting which college to attend, the cooperative education program through CEAS led Keeton to choose UC.

“Due to the fact that  co-op is mandatory for students in CEAS, I knew I wouldn't have to worry about creating my own schedule or extending my time in school in order to fit in several co-op terms,” said Keeton.

Keeton completed all of her co-op rotations with Marathon Petroleum. She completed three rotations working in Marathon Petroleum’s corporate office in Findlay, OH in various groups including terminal engineering, pipeline engineering, and major projects. Her other  two rotations were completed working at refineries, one in Cincinnati, OH and one in Catlettsburg, KY.

“All of my co-op terms at Marathon have been amazing experiences, I have worked with very knowledgeable people who are willing to help and provide guidance whenever necessary,” stated Keeton.

Working at Marathon Petroleum helped Keeton to overcome one of her biggest struggles as a student – time management. She states that she “learned to set priorities and use my time efficiently in order to focus on my classes, work part-time, stay involved in my sorority, and make time for family and friends.”

Beyond developing time-management skills, Keeton says that her co-op experiences also opened her eyes to the numerous career routes available through mechanical engineering, “from talking with my classmates and full-time engineers, it is clear that mechanical engineers have opportunities in a wide range of industries and positions. It is comforting to know that I will be able to pursue a career path that interests me.”

Keeton advises fellow students to ask questions while in class and in work spaces, “If you are confused about something, other students are likely confused as well." She states that if you find yourself struggling, not to be afraid to talk to professors outside of class, “most professors are eager to help you succeed as long as they know you are putting forth effort.”

Keeton also states that it is important to maintain a healthy balance between studying and spending time with family and friends. She regards her best memories and proudest achievement at UC to be the time she was able to share with friends, family, members of her sorority and all of the great people she interacts with at the University.

Upon graduation this spring, Keeton will start working full-time for Marathon Petroleum in Findlay, OH.

On behalf of College of Engineering and Applied Science, congratulations to Allison Keeton on your outstanding achievements thus far and as the January Engineer of the Month.

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