Engineer of the Month Employs Integrated Education From End-to-End

By: Staci Jones
Date: March 1, 2017

John Lewnard, mechanical engineering-ACCEND senior, is the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) Engineer of the Month for March.

John Lewnard

In addition to following his family’s footsteps, the cooperative education program is what led John Lewnard to choose the University of Cincinnati as his education destination.

“The co-op experience or learning-by-doing is what differentiates UC’s curriculum from other universities in the Midwest,” said John.

John sets a goal of making himself as marketable as possible, which led him to choosing mechanical engineering as his major and to his joining the Accelerated Engineering Degree (ACCEND) program. He feels that with a degree in mechanical engineering, a foundation is built that can be applied to a variety of field industries and functions. John also plans to one day enter management and says that MBA ACCEND program teaches him to understand both the consumer and product.

“I like the way mechanical engineering makes me think,” said John, “engineering is more than force vectors and stress analysis. It teaches you an adaptable problem solving process – take in all data, analyze the given data, understand the given assumptions, and derive conclusions”.

Though John is more than happy about his degree choice and decision to join ACCEND, he states that it has been one of his biggest challenges. Properly managing course load and his time schedule are things he had to learn to handle.

An even bigger challenge that John states having is serving as the CEAS Tribunal President.

“The CEAS Tribunal acts as the student government for CEAS and is tasked with representing students, organizing events, and taking on various initiatives that better the student experience in the college,” said John, “though it was my biggest challenge, it was also the most rewarding as far as student involvement”.

Learning how to communicate efficiently is one of the lessons John was taught at his co-op rotations. He states that he always considered himself to be a good communicator, but being on the job, he had to learn the other aspects of communication such as sending proper emails, making presentations, and conveying his thoughts through briefings.

All five of John’s co-op assignments were with GE Aviation. He states that though they were all through the same company, each one came with a different application of business and engineering.

“I had the opportunity to go through a program management role, product engineering role, two quality roles, and a design role,” said John, “while I always thought I had wanted to do design work while going through my engineering curriculum, I discovered that I had a passion for operations program management.”

John’s first co-op rotation was in commercial engine operations where he presented engine fleet statuses to Airbus representatives and GE management weekly. His second co-op was in product support engineering where he forecasted fleet fuel nozzle consumption to prepare the manufacturer for expected future demand.

During his time in the quality department at his third co-op, John created a standard quality improvement plan template to streamline the presentation of quality issues. At his fourth co-op, he worked in revenue share partner quality where he closed seven quality events by managing weekly meetings and creating a process scorecard.

At his most recent co-op, John worked in design engineering where he supported a TOPS 8D investigation to identify root causes of test engine failure.

“I’m proud of the comprehensive learning experience I’ve had at UC,” said John, “with the combination of engineering courses, business courses, co-op, and student involvement, I feel empowered and ready to take on whatever the world might throw at me”.

John advises fellow students to build a network of friends and study groups in order to get through the rigorous curriculum. He also states that it is important to take breaks from the busy workload and to fill them with hobbies and people that you care for the most.

Upon graduating this spring, John will begin working full-time with P&G in Supply Network Operations.

On behalf of the College of Engineering and Applied Science, congratulations to John Lewnard on your outstanding achievements thus far and as the March Engineer of the Month.