Engineer of the Month Builds Foundation of Industry Leadership

By: Staci Jones
Date: May 1, 2017

Elliott Ice, civil engineering senior, is the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) Engineer of the Month for May.

Elliott Ice

An integrated cooperative education program and a hometown feel are the factors that led Elliott Ice to choose the University of Cincinnati (UC) for civil engineering.

“I believe the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) is the best engineering college in the state of Ohio. The co-op-infused academic program provided here at UC develops students into professionals in their field much more efficiently and effectively than a purely academic program,” said Elliott.

Elliott’s interest in construction piqued in his high school wood shop class where he was able to explore his creativity and his passion for physics.

“I find it so fulfilling to take part in the design and construction of structures that serve a vast number of people and are staples in functioning society,” said Elliott.

The leadership aspect of civil engineering is what Elliott enjoys most. Many of his co-op rotations gave him the opportunity to lead projects and work with diverse groups towards achieving a common goal.

One of his co-op rotations was at The City of Findlay Engineering Department where he served as a project management intern. He describes his position with the company as being his introduction to the industry.

Elliott’s second co-op round was with Messer Construction as a project engineer. At Messer, he had the opportunity to further develop his leadership skills.

“This was an especially interesting opportunity as we were working in an occupied facility, and at times, were completing work near highly critical areas and had to practice extensive safety precautions,” said Elliott.

He has also served as a research assistant at the College under the guidance of Bahram Shahrooz, PhD and Professor in the UC CEAS Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management (CAECM), and Matthew Bolduc, PhD and CAECM Adjunct Assistant Professor. In this role, Elliott assisted with designing and testing reinforcing bars for a 20 ton prestressed concrete bridge girder.

Elliott worked as a structural engineering co-op last summer with Schaefer Inc. There, he was able to work on projects such as a new ride at Cedar Point and the new campus dorms being built at UC.

Elliott’s current co-op position is with Transportation and Logistics Engineering at Marathon Petroleum Company. At Marathon, he assists with the Midwest Optimization group within the Major Projects Department where he contributes to projects based in Texas, ranging from horizontal directionally drilled pipelines to above-ground storage tanks.

Elliott regards his biggest challenge at UC to be balancing his responsibilities as a student with an 18 credit hour course load and working two part-time co-ops while maintaining leadership roles in student organizations and participating on competitive teams.

He recommends that fellow students stay mindful of how they utilize their time.

“You will be extremely surprised at how much you can accomplish if you stay organized and use your time wisely,” said Elliott.

Outside of the classroom, Elliott’s greatest memories have been leading Learning Community meetings and completing a project for the 2016 CANstruction event.

Elliott is very excited for the many opportunities that await him upon graduating in 2018.

The College of Engineering and Applied Science congratulates Elliott Ice on his outstanding achievements thus far and as the May Engineer of the Month.

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