Engineer of the Month Manages Real-World Manufacturing Challenges

By: Ashley Duvelius
Date: September 1, 2016

Robert Caudy, senior mechanical engineering ACCEND student, is the Engineer of the Month at the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) for the month of September.

Robert Caudy

Behind the helm of the world’s most intricate power-producing machines, you’ll find the mind of a mechanical engineer. These engineers design, develop, build and test a wide range of mechanical devices, from tools to engines to elevators to even… roller coasters. The latter of the possibilities is what first piqued the interest of Robert Caudy, UC College of Engineering and Applied Science’s Engineer of the Month for September, to study mechanical engineering.

Now a senior in the mechanical engineering and ACCEND MBA program, Caudy prepares to graduate with not only two degrees but also an unparalleled engineering experience and irreplaceable campus memories.

The expansive breadth of knowledge Caudy gained from his cooperative education (co-op) rotations at DuPont LLC and the BWI Group has equipped him with a robust skillset as both a project engineer and a manufacturing engineer.

Caudy reflects, “I traveled to Luton, England as part of [co-op] for updates on the manufacturing process.  In Luton, I got to work with people from all over Europe including: Ireland, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Ukraine.

I was given projects where I got to design and build machine equipment.  I was also given the responsibility on the prototype assembly for our Porsche 992 program which we will be implementing the actual machine equipment next year.”

Between his co-op rounds, classes, UC varsity and Club swimming  teams, work as a Teacher's Assistant, Theta Tau activities, and volunteer work with Bearcat Buddies, Caudy learned time management was—and always will be—the biggest key to success. He advises, “School comes first but do not overwork yourself. The college experience is both inside and outside the classroom.”

So what does the future hold for this multi-faceted mechanical engineering-MBA Engineer of the Month?

Caudy shares, “I like the endless opportunities that exist to me with my two majors. I could move anywhere and work for almost any company—and that prospect is truly something to look forward to after graduation!”

The College of Engineering and Applied Science congratulates Robert on his immense success thus far and for being the CEAS Engineer of the Month for September!

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