CEAS Hits Record High Enrollment, Continues Tradition of Excellence

ceas welcome day

By:       Ashley Duvelius
Date:   October 31, 2016

CEAS welcomes largest freshmen class and hits record-breaking total enrollment of nearly 6K. But the success doesn’t stop there.

You wanna know how ‘We Engineer Better’? Let me show you.

You see, ‘We Engineer Better’ is not a contest, it is not a ranking or a number, or even a mere statement really, but rather it is a continued commitment to our tradition of excellence. The college unleashes education by immersing students in a rigorous and innovative curriculum and culture of real-world, experience-based learning.  And this academic year, a record-breaking total of 5,700+ students chose to rise to the occasion and join us in our mission to engineer better.

CEAS Dean Teik C. Lim, PhD, PE, Herman Schneider Professor of Mechanical Engineering, affirms, “CEAS has a long-standing tradition of excellence and offers limitless opportunities in the engineering pedagogy. Our internationally renowned cooperative work experiences, vigorous research programs, world-class Learning Center and strong reputation for engineering innovation continually appeal to top-notch talent both nationally and internationally.”

This fall, the college welcomed the largest freshmen class yet—more than 1200 students in fact—increasing not only in quantity but also in quality and diversity. The number of female freshmen enrolled increased by 20% over last year and is our highest in history. The number of Hispanic students also increased by 78%.

Dean Lim continues, “We were pleased to welcome the largest incoming class in our history, complete with 18 National Merit Scholars and two Cincinnatus Presidential Awardees. Also, our students have an average ACT score of 27.8 and today, they account for more than 30 percent of the University-wide honors program. These students—our students—are tomorrow’s leaders who will be able to touch every aspect of life with their engineering expertise and bring joy to living.”

Next year, CEAS will also welcome the first senior class of the Joint Engineering Co-op Institute (JCI). As one of our initial global partnerships, JCI—with Chongqing University—brought the first mandatory cooperative engineering education program to China. The program is now its fourth year of operation with more than 350 students enrolled. In Fall 2017, JCI’s inaugural senior class will come to UC to finish out the fifth and final year of their program and will graduate in April 2018. Graduates of the JCI will receive degrees from both institutions.

Key to students’ success after graduation is the experience-based learning that they receive at CEAS. We are proud to be the birthplace of cooperative education and it has been integrated into our curriculum for more than 100 years. Today, nearly 1,000 of our students are gaining real-world experience each semester through co-op with more than 600 businesses, industries, research organizations, and governmental agencies world-wide. And, during the 2015 academic year alone, the combined co-op earnings of CEAS students totaled $32 million.

As part of our commitment to maintaining this academic excellence, we are currently finishing the second year of our “50-in-5” hiring initiative. Since its launch, we are pleased to report that we have hired—and continue to seek—more than 40 faculty members who are outstanding researchers and educators.  Of these new faculty members, 40% are female and/or underrepresented minority. This speaks highly to our college-wide diversity and inclusion efforts as we continue to strive for greater diversity in the field of engineering.

Dean Lim adds, “We believe that diversity is a hallmark of a rich and successful educational program because it leads a broader understanding of the world at large, yields differing views and perspectives to discussions, and also bring fresh ideas and approaches to problem solving. We see achieving greater diversity in the field of engineering as a necessary workforce and economic imperative for the US.”

The College of Engineering and Applied Science takes great pride in our accomplishments thus far and looks forward to an undoubtedly bright future. Our students, faculty, staff, friends and partners prove that, together,