Aerospace Engineering Students Honored with Scholarships

By: Diana Riggs
Date: July 2, 2018

The department of aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics (AEEM) recently honored students’ academic achievement and UC alumni legacies through their scholarship program.

A student stands between two faculty members, smiling and holding a paper certificate

Kinzbach, center, with AEEM faculty Mark Turner, right, and department chair Kelly Cohen

Twenty-four aerospace engineering students received department scholarships for the 2017-18 academic year at a celebration on April 24.

McKenzie Kinzbach, a senior, received the Bradley Jones Scholarship in the amount of $1,500. Bradley Jones was an inventor and flight navigator who established AEEM program at the University of Cincinnati (UC) in 1929. He is known for his non-stop flight from Dayton, Ohio, to Boston Massachusetts that was the first to rely solely on instrumentation for navigation. Jones established the scholarship for a senior aerospace student who is “deemed to be the most outstanding in terms of scholarship, character, personality, and general achievement.”

Nine scholarship winners holding paper certificates stand in an office with two AEEM faculty members

Knowlsen and Byar Scholarship Recipients

Ten students received the Knowlsen and Irene Byar Scholarship, each in the amount of $1,500. The award is for students pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering. Created by UC aerospace engineering alumnus Tom Byar in honor of his parents, Knowlson, a design engineer, and Byar, a nurse. The following students received an award:

  • Tobin Anderson
  • Peter Elliott
  • Mason Turvey
  • Adam Herrmann
  • Simon Livingston
  • Nathaniel Richards
  • Michael Burgess
  • Amanda Moores
  • Abigail Scorsone
  • Weston Lavy
Twelve scholarship recipients stand holding paper certificates, in an office with two AEEM faculty members

Weston Memorial Scholarship recipients and AEEM faculty

Thirteen students received the Ferdinand L. Weston Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $400 each. This scholarship recognizes students who “promote the scientific development of aeronautics” and honors Lt. Ferdinand L. Weston, a member of the US Air Force and member of Squadron 5111-1 Civil Air Patrol. The following students received this award:

  • Zachary Deutscher
  • Nathanial Richards
  • Christian Bach
  • Evan Burke
  • John Harrison
  • Lynn Pickering
  • Amanda Devilier
  • Brett Lauerhass
  • Daniel Prokopius
  • Joshua Clabbers
  • Kyle Dunlap
  • Phillip Rump
  • Vincent Feldman

For more information about scholarships through the department of aerospace engineering, visit the AEEM website.