Bearcats in Your Backyard: CEAS Undergraduate Enrollment Office Hosts Summer Events for Incoming Students

By:    Brandon Pytel
Date: June 21, 2018

Incoming first-year students got a chance to meet some of their future classmates at statewide transition events hosted by the CEAS Undergraduate Enrollment Office.

group of students pose on soccer field.

A group of incoming first-year UC students attend a Columbus Crew soccer match, one of the summer events hosted by the CEAS Undergraduate Office of Enrollment.

The transition from high school to college can seem daunting – especially for out-of-town students. Summer orientation is a great way for incoming students to see the university first-hand, but it’s often the only opportunity students have to meet other students before they start classes in the fall.

Over the last month, the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) Undergraduate Enrollment Office hosted ten events across Ohio and Indiana to give incoming students another opportunity to engage with the university before starting in August.

group in Captains suite with mascot.

A group of students pose with Skipper, the mascot of the Lake County Captains.

The Enrollment Office covered a lot of ground, hosting events in Indianapolis, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, Canton, Akron and Cleveland. Students attended events in their own backyard, without traveling all the way to Cincinnati.

“By hosting events in cities where students live, we allow these students to meet other future engineers who are living in their area, giving them the opportunity to build a community before even starting their first semester,” said Dane Sowers, program coordinator at CEAS.

Events included professional baseball games, soccer matches, an arcade night at Dave and Buster’s and an escape room event. Sowers and other staff members polled current CEAS students to find activities that would benefit incoming students most. These poll results indicated that students strongly preferred sporting events, which is why the office ultimately hosted five baseball events and two soccer events.

“It was fun to meet a couple of people who I’ll probably have classes with this upcoming semester,” said incoming chemical engineering student Danielle Veigel, who attended an Akron RubberDucks Minor League Baseball game with the group.

To balance the diverse range of student interest, the team added other events like game nights and even a tour of Marathon Petroleum’s refinery in Canton.

three students pose with baseball field in background.

Three incoming first-year students enjoy an Akron RubberDucks game.

“We were very excited to partner with Marathon because it gave the company a great opportunity to showcase some of their facilities to potential co-op students,” said Sowers. “It also gave the students an in-depth look at applications of various types of engineering.”

Marathon Petroleum engineers, many of whom are CEAS alumni, explained the refinery process to the students during the visit, which included several presentations and a driving tour of the facilities. The event was a great way for students to learn more about the practical applications of engineering from one of UC’s most prominent cooperative (co-op) education employers.

Current UC chemical engineering student Emma Lowe, who is on co-op rotation with Marathon, joined the tour and shared her experiences with the group. “I appreciate how dedicated Marathon is to their employees and the people they work with,” said Lowe. “I’ve had the opportunity to go into some cool towers, perform challenging work and get some great hands-on experience.”  

With about two months until the start of their fall semester, these incoming Bearcats are already embracing the UC community. Sowers thinks these students gained a lot from the events, both socially and professionally. “Many of the students talked at length with people they had never met before,” he said. “We hope that, as a result, they are more excited to join the Bearcat family this fall.”

group os students and staff under Marathon sign.

Marathon Petroleum Company gave incoming CEAS students a tour of its refinery in Canton, Ohio.