Biomedical Engineering Coop Students Sample Careers

By: Diana Riggs
Date: May 7, 2018

Co-ops challenge students to apply classroom concepts to real-world situations.

Headshot of Gabrielle Notorgiacomo

Gabrielle Notorgiacomo, BME student

Biomedical engineering is informed by a number of interrelated disciplines, including chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering. These student profiles offer a sample of the opportunities available to University of Cincinnati biomedical engineering (BME) students.

Gabrielle Notorgiacomo, Biomedical Engineering ’19 is from Rockaway, New Jersey. She had co-op experiences at Intelemage, a company that makes medical imaging management technology and Eccrine Systems, a sweat sensor development company, both in Cincinnati, OH. In summarizing her co-op experiences Notorgiacomo highlighted unexpected opportunities:

“As a biomedical engineering student, I never thought I would have the opportunity to build robots! My co-op has me building all kinds of automated systems and laboratory aids to improve the efficiency of my lab mates. That's part of why I love working for startup companies - you get to experience a little bit of everything because you are a valued resource. Plus, smaller companies tend to feel more like families, which makes going to work every day way more fun!”

Julie Chang wears a white lab coat and sits next to a microscope

Julie Chang, BME student

Julie Chang Biomedical Engineering ’18, is from Fairfield, Ohio. She appreciated her co-ops gave her a variety of experiences that helped her find her passion. Chang co-oped at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Peter Cremer NA of Cincinnati, and L'Oreal in Florence, Ky.

"Through my co-ops, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work and explore career options in both industry and academia. My favorite part of my co-ops is the way it challenges me and pushes me to think creatively, while also being able to help others. Through my experiences, I’ve learned more about myself and what my passions are, which has helped me to decide the direction I’d like to go after graduation,” Chang said.

For more information on BME co-ops, please contact the department of biomedical engineering.