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The University of Cincinnati (UC) now offers the renewable National Outreach Award to incoming students who have demonstrated academic merit and who are residents of select states across the country.

Joe Rayho and Gabby Notorgiacomo outside UC.

In recognition of exceptional academic qualifications, incoming UC students will now be eligible for the National Outreach Award, a renewable $6,000 scholarship for up to four academic years (up to $24,000).

In order to be eligible for the National Outreach Award, students must:

  • Be a resident of or graduate from a high school in California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, or Wisconsin
  • Complete their admission application* by December 1 of their senior year of high school
  • Have earned a 3.20 unweighted GPA or a 3.50 weighted GPA (4.00 scale)
  • Have a 26 ACT composite or 1240 (redesigned test) or 1170 (old test; CR+M) SAT composite
  • Not be eligible for Ohio residency, tuition remission, reciprocity, or Metropolitan rates.

For additional award information and complete application requirements, please visit:

Why should students consider Cincinnati for their higher education destination?

Prospective students who wish to shape the world’s future by pursuing a STEM career should consider the innovative engineering curriculum infused with real-world, experience-based learning (co-op) at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering and Applied Science.

 The UC College of Engineering and Applied Science asked current students from New Jersey, Gabrielle Notorgiacomo, biomedical engineering junior, and Joe Rayho, aerospace engineering senior.

Joe grew up in Succasunna, New Jersey and attended Roxbury High School. As an engaged member of the UC community, Joe is one of the founders of the student organization, UC Aviation and Space Enthusiasts. He volunteers as a CEAS Ambassador and ROAR tour guide, and is a campus Peer Leader and member of the UC AeroCats.

Joe Rayho on the job at his Barnes Aerospace co-op.

Joe Rayho on the job at his Barnes Aerospace co-op.

“I loved UC’s campus and felt at home here. The cooperative education (co-op) program was also a big selling point. I liked being somewhere completely new where I had to figure things out for myself—this allowed me to grow in ways I never thought possible. I also really liked getting to explore the food if Cincinnati, I am a huge fan of skyline and goetta! The most challenging thing has been not being able to go home as often as I would like to. However, this has gotten better as CVG has been expanding, making it easier to find flights home for a reasonable cost. My best advice for incoming out-of-state students would be to just embrace where you are from and don’t be afraid to make yourself uncomfortable. UC has given me so many opportunities that I never thought I would have in college. If I had limited myself to universities around my hometown in New Jersey, I would have ended up settling on a school that wasn’t the right fit for me. By coming into the search with an open mind I was able to find the university that was a perfect fit for me, and it just happened to be in Ohio.”

Gabrielle also volunteers her time to CEAS Ambassadors and helps patients in need through her involvement with the student organization, EnableUC. The Rockaway, New Jersey native has always held a passion for medical sciences and so, upon graduation from CEAS, she will go on to pursue a career as an orthopedic surgeon. 

“I chose to come to UC because I liked the fact that co-op was mandatory and incorporated into the curriculum. Other universities have optional co-op opportunities, but I felt that gaining work experience and hard skills deserved to be prioritized. Initially, I had a hard time prioritizing all of the various clubs and activities I wanted to take part in at UC.  There are so many—dance groups, acapella troops, tour guides, innovation teams—that it was very overwhelming for me at first.  It is nice to have all of these options, but you really need to figure out what you're passionate about in order to flourish in those specific areas. For example, I’ve discovered I’m very passionate about volunteering at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center every weekend. As a bedrest volunteer, I bring games and crafts to children who can't leave their rooms, keep them company, and give parents/nurses a break for a couple hours.  I would also tell incoming students it’s important to try to stay in touch with your family and friends back home (try Skype calls or just phone calls once or twice a week!), but make sure you branch out and make new friends on campus. It's important to maintain that support system. And last but certainly not least, I love the fact that we have so many co-op companies in and around Cincinnati!  It makes interviewing and networking so much easier than long-distance job searches (although I'm glad those are still an option thanks to UC's connections).”

Gabrielle Notorgiacomo

Gabrielle Notorgiacomo

About the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science

UC CEAS unleashes education by immersing students in a rigorous and innovative curriculum and culture of real-world, experience-based learning. The value of a CEAS degree is unparalleled, providing elevated placement, greater earning potential and unlimited post-graduate options.

Experience-Based Learning. CEAS is the birthplace of cooperative education. Co-op has been integrated into its curriculum for more than 100 years. Students graduate with one full year of industry experience.

At the Urban Core. Robust opportunities exist for intern/co-op partnerships. Cincinnati is home to more Fortune 500s per capita than New York or L.A.

ROI. The UC CEAS degree is an exceptional value --engineering is ranked No. 1 in Ohio for ROI. 75% of co-op students receive a job offer from their co-op placement company.


APPLY TODAY! The application deadline of December 1, 2017 is quickly approaching.


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