UC Civil Engineering Student Embraces Diverse Workload at Disney World

By:    Brandon Pytel
Date: May 14, 2018

UC civil engineering graduate Alex Branscome moves to Orlando, Florida, to work in Walt Disney World Resort’s Architecture and Facilities Engineering Department.

Branscome headshot

Branscome will work at Disney World after graduation.

University of Cincinnati’s (UC) cooperative education (co-op) program gives students real-world experience while still in school. Roughly two-thirds of College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) students go on to work full-time for one of their co-op employers. Alex Branscome is excited to continue this trend, returning to his favorite co-op, Walt Disney World Resort, in June through the company’s professional internship program.

Branscome, who received a civil engineering degree from CEAS, will be working in Disney’s Architecture and Facilities Engineering Department. He is looking forward to the diverse workload.

“The work at Disney offers a lot of variety with the amount of projects you can work on,” said Branscome. “Rather than just working with buildings or bridges exclusively, at Disney I can work on different projects like waterslides and animal exhibits.”

Branscome spent two co-op rotations with Disney as a civil engineering student at UC. His first co-op was emblematic of that diverse workload: over a 16-week semester, Branscome worked on over 30 different projects. Working in project management on his second rotation with Disney, Branscome focused on both safety and aesthetics with rehabilitation projects for rides like the Haunted Mansion and It’s a Small World.

“It’s really cool to think that the work I’m doing is helping make people happy,” said Branscome.

In addition to his time at Disney, Branscome worked for a semester in Butler County’s Engineering Office, performing land surveys and conducting property research. For his final co-op, Branscome traveled across the globe to Singapore, working at a small civil engineering firm through UC’s International Experience Program.

“I had never been out of the country or even flown commercially before UC, but going abroad was one of my big goals coming into college,” said Branscome. “Getting to finally do that before graduation really brought my college career to a close.”

At Disney, Branscome will pick up where he left off on co-op while taking on additional responsibilities. These responsibilities can include designing and drafting for miscellaneous properties ranging from campsites to park paths to general attractions. UC’s co-op program helped make it all possible.

“The experience I had on co-op is helping me build the foundation to start my career,” said Branscome. “I’m entering the field with a diverse background of experience that will allow me to keep building off what I’ve already done. I can’t wait to get started.”