School of Electronic and Computing Systems attract three of the Nation’s Best

By: Desiré Bennett

UC is proud to welcome National Merit Scholars Tyler Reynolds, Allison Keeton and Logan Mirka.

The National Merit Scholarship competition recognizes high school students who show outstanding academic promise.  More than 1.5 million students take the Preliminary SAT and National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) each year to qualify as a National Merit Scholar. In this highly competitive process, less than 1 out of every 100 students that apply become a National Merit Scholar.  This extraordinary group of students includes valedictorians, perfect SAT scores, and 4.0+ GPAs.  Three National Merit Scholars are entering the disciplines of Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Computer Engineering in the School of Electronic and computing systems this year.


Tyler Reynolds is a Merit Scholar entering into the Electrical Engineering program at UC. Tyler graduated from Oakwood High School, located just south of Dayton, Ohio, where he enjoyed math and science courses, maintaining an overall GPA of 4.0 or higher. He remained active in Boy Scout Troop 101 throughout high school and he notes achieving the rank of Eagle Scout as one of his best accomplishments. Tyler always knew he wanted to pursue a career in engineering as he finds Electrical Engineering to be one of the most wide-reaching and interesting fields.

He describes himself as “patient, quiet, and introverted” and enjoys playing video games in his spare time. Tyler chose UC for two reasons: his brother attended UC, earning an Electrical Engineering degree, and because he is attracted to “UC's superb coop program” and the potential experience he can gain from it.

Sarah Rieser

Sarah Rieser

If National Merit Scholar and incoming Computer Science freshman Sarah Rieser could have just one super power, it would be the power to freeze time and restart it at will.  “There is so much that I would like to learn, to do, and to change, but they are all limited by time.” But even without this super power, this limitation hasn’t stopped her.

Sarah’s time management skills helped her to soar while attending Twinsburg High School, a suburb of Cleveland in Northeast Ohio, where Sarah’s favorite courses were AP Physics, AP Calculus, and AP Spanish.  Sarah reflects, “Even though AP Physics was one of the courses that I enjoyed the most, it was also the most challenging.” Sarah rose to this challenge by successfully completing nine AP classes and excelling on the AP exams.

Away from class, she participated in several extracurricular activities, ranging from clubs and honorary societies to sports and community service like the Foreign Language or Environmental Clubs, Freedom Greyhound Rescue and the Upward Basketball Program. During her junior year, she earned a 12-1 record while on her tennis team.  Sarah also worked full-time during summers and school-year breaks while actively participating in her church’s youth group.

Sarah says she is drawn to Computer Science for several reasons.  “It is a discipline that relies heavily on mathematics.  I really like the logic and linearity of math and took every math course that my high school offered,” she said.  Sarah believes that Computer Science is an evolving and challenging field and will lead to a fascinating career.  “I also like learning different languages and this major provides the opportunity to study a new math-based language.”

UC appealed to Sarah because of its urban environment, its larger size, but compact design, and its beautiful campus.  Beyond this initial attraction, she says, “UC’s renowned College of Engineering and Applied Science, its unique and widely-respected co-op program, its highly-regarded Computer Science program, and its experientially-focused University Honors Program ultimately led me to choose UC.”

Upon completion of the program, Sarah plans to pursue an MBA. She wishes to eventually become an executive in a nonprofit organization, where she can help others by serving her community.

Also entering CEAS this fall is National Merit Scholar and incoming Computer Engineering freshman, Logan Mirka, who attended Wadsworth High school, located in Wadsworth, Ohio.


Tyler Reynolds, Sarah Rieser and Logan Mirka are just three among the many students entering the Engineering program at UC. All hope to enjoy rewarding careers while also making a difference in the world.