UC Mechanical Engineering Graduate Claims Best Presentation Award

By: Ashley Duvelius
May 24, 2012

Karthik Remella Siva Rama, a mechanical engineering graduate student, is the recipient of the prestigious Best Presentation Award in the category of “Thermal Management” at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ (AIAA) 37th Annual Dayton-Cincinnati Aerospace Sciences Symposium to be held this evening.

Best Presentation Awards were given based on their merits which include innovation and level of effort, technical contribution and presentation quality. Other award categories included Aerospace Environments, CFD Applications, Design and Optimization, Engines and Combustion, Experimental Methods, Flight Dynamics and Flow Control, Fluid Dynamics and Aeroelasticity, Human Factors, Micro Air Vehicles, Structures and Materials, and Numerical Methods.

Remella Siva Rama took interest in the field of mechanical engineering in light of recent accumulating technological developments. He identified with the growing need to decrease the size of various electronic devices while increasing the amount of power. The combination of these two needs creates the demand for his work—developing a cooling technology for electronic devices.

In pursuing his Master’s Degree, Remella Siva Rama is working on a project with BritePointe, a California based start-up. He works closely with his advisor, Frank Gerner PhD., on this project along with Gerner’s former student, Ahmed Shuja PhD., who is the CEO of BritePointe. Their mission is to pioneer a Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) cooling technology for LED fixtures.

Remella Siva Rama is working on developing a numerical model for such a coolant. A LHP is a two-phase device which transfers heat using capillary action to remove heat from one source and moving it to a condenser or radiator. These devices are more ideal than heat pipes since they provide reliable operation over long distances and they are able to operate against gravity.

Remella Siva Rama’s research will greatly affect BritePointe’s future products. An LHP for LED fixtures reduces time and increases efficiency in the company’s product development. In addition, the model is revolutionary for it’s the first step in understanding the physics of the working device, while aiding in the development of powerful and efficient ways of cooling electronics. Since the early 1980’s, the focus of this technology has been in the fields of aerospace and electronics.

Remella Siva Rama plans to pursue his Doctoral Degree in the same field of mechanical engineering with the hopes of furthering this technology. Receiving the Best Presentation Award from AIAA’s DCASS opens such doors. He reflects, “This opportunity came to me during the month of March and being my first technical presentation, I learned so much. This symposium helped me understand the importance of my work. Furthermore, it exposed me to the other areas of potential research. I feel honored to receive such recognition.”

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