What a Week for Sneak Peeks: CEAS Students Showcase Designs at Expos

What a Week for Sneak Peeks: CEAS Students Showcase Designs at Expos
By: Ashley Duvelius
May 18, 2012

As a senior enrolled in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, students are required to complete senior projects. These projects serve to demonstrate their knowledge gained over the course of their studies. These projects are oriented toward the improvement of current products, processes and problems or the creation of a new product to solve a current issue.

The 2012 SECS and CSI Senior Design Poster Expo took TUC by storm on Wednesday, May 16. Seniors from both programs presented their innovative designs to judges in hopes of winning. Representative projects follow.

Seniors Chris Nixon, Jorge Moscat and Yemi Oyediran developed a web-based application that captures Twitter's feelings towards the 2012 Presidental Candidate nominees, Barack Obama (Democrat) and Mitt Romney (Republican). Using the data that’s continuously collected from Twitter and their ranking algorithm, they reveal the nominees’ true "approval score".  Nixon has been recruited by Tapjoy, Inc. for after graduation, Moscat will join Deloitte Development LLC and Oyediran will continue to work for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Check out their website at http://cs.uc.edu/twipolitico/.

Maria Suarez Lemmo, Jameson Rupe and Stephen Newland proudly demonstrated their prototype design of an “Inventory Tracking and Distribution System” or a better developed sorter conveyer. The team was tasked by Distrasa, a Venezuelan distribution company, to design a conveyer belt with the ability to categorize products itself based on the initial scan of the product into the system. Suarez Lemmo is currently on co-op as an IT analyst at Chiquita Brands LLC and plans to stay with the company. Rupe works for Duke Energy and will continue there after graduation. Newland is in the interview process with several companies. See how the system works by clicking the video below.

Discrete Programmable Logic Controller

Discrete Programmable Logic Controller

Eric Schwieterman and Nathan Petts designed a “Discrete Programmable Logic Controller.” Both seniors work for Children’s Hospital and designed this project specifically for their employer. The controller is used to acquire data in ADHD research studies. It has sensors which show brain wave activity as a patient engages in different activities. Schwieterman and Petts will continue to work for the hospital after graduation and hope that their innovation will be used in helping ADHD patients.

Senior Cameron Hoerig’s project studied “Blood Vessel Occlusion Using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound.” When using High-Intensity Ultrasound, the risk for a blockage, or even a closure, of blood vessels is great. Hoerig created a device to minimize such a risk. He is currently a senior and a research assistant at UC. Hoerig plans to work toward his master’s after graduation. He is looking forward to being a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering.

The 2012 Mechanical Engineering Technology Expo invaded the Victory Parkway Campus Administration Building on Thursday, May 17. Seniors in the program displayed senior projects that they have been working throughout the year.

Senior Jason Finzer presented his “Three-point Hitch Wrecker Attachment.” Painted in John Deere Yellow, the trailer hitch is suitable for towing other vehicles by tractor, as it is easy enough to attach to a deadweight vehicle yourself. The hitch easily transports a disabled car or other vehicle to an impound site. See a video of his innovation by clicking below.

ps roof mounted assisting bicycle rack

Roof Mounted Assisting Bicycle Rack

Robert Magness’ “Roof Mounted Assisting Bicycle Rack.” Instead of struggling to put a bicycle on the top of your vehicle, Magness’ rack allows you to load it parallel to your car. With the simple push and bend of the rack’s arm, the bicycle is moved to rest sturdily on top of your vehicle. Magness plans to move to North Carolina after graduation in a position with Nascar.

There will be no more wobbly bikes because of Craig Davis’ new “Hub Center Steering.” The stable hub prevents shaky steering and allows bikers to use more braking force. Davis is currently in the interview stages with several companies and expects an offer soon.

Hub Center Steering

Hub Center Steering

Going green to cut the green, Sam Rudolf developed a “Bio Gas Lawnmower.” Tired of paying for gas and worried about the effects it had on the environment, Rudolf turned to creating eco-friendly fuel. Rudolf makes his fuel out of grass and manure, which is sealed in a vapor-tight container to prevent foul-smelling odors. Rudolf currently works at Hill-Rom Services, Inc. and will continue with them after graduation.

After being frequently approached by his mom to cut flower stems for her, Alan Verhoff decided to invent a Mother’s Day present entitled “Automatic Artificial Flower Stem Cutter.” All you have to do is insert your flower into his machine, and the blade comes down on the stem similar to a guillotine. Verhoff has secured a position with Protech Galvanizers & Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. after graduation.

ps flower stem cutter

Automatic Artificial Flower Stem Cutter

It was a year well designed for success by CEAS senior engineering students!

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