Instructor Guide

Using Rhodes 801 Printing Lab for Class Projects

  • Email us at to request a class code to use with 3dprinter OS. In the email, include the following information:
    • Approximately how large are the expected parts for each student? 
    • How many students in total will be printing? 
    • What is the timeline for when the parts are expected to be printed? 
    • Are there any special considerations for material properties, color, or structure for these parts? 
  • The class code will be used by students to access a special group of printers dedicated to your class!

Note: Although the lab gives special access to printer groups for class use, it is the responsibility of the students to submit their parts in a timely manner to have them for class. If students all wait to print before a deadline or if they don’t account for possible print failures the delay in receiving their part is their own responsibility. It is with this in mind that I encourage you to have your students print earlier rather then later. Contact with any questions or concerns